Sen. Rubio forces truth about Clinton in Congressional hearings

Members of the Senate and House foreign affairs committees grilled Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Nides in Congressional hearings Thursday morning.

Each lawmaker had their own individual concerns about the State Department’s inadequate security, failure to heed warnings, slow response time, misrepresentations to the public, and all around “grossly inadequate systematic failures” leading up to, and following the events that occurred in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11.

Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio was concerned with one revelation in the State Department’s report in particular and he steered his questions accordingly.  He said of the Accountability Review Board’s report:

“It puts a lot of blame on lower level officials, particularly assistant secretary officials. And why I find that quite puzzling is that Benghazi, and Libya in general, is not some remote outpost. It’s not Luxembourg. I mean this is a country we were involved in militarily not so long ago in a high profile intervention.”

Rubio read from the transcript of the report on page 5, “The special mission was not a priority for Washington when it came to security related requests, especially those related to staffing.”

“I want to understand who Washington is,” Rubio said.

He specifically asked about various visits to Libya made by high level officials, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and questioned Burns about any memos or senior level meetings that took place immediately following those visits.  Burns at first could not recall specific security matters, but said that the topic came up in general on more than one occasion.

Rubio firmly repeated his line of questioning to reveal that upper level staff and Secretary Clinton were well aware of the dangers in Libya leading up to the attack.

“There were certainly meetings that took place at senior levels with regard to the situation in Libya in general,” admitted Burns.

In an exchange that seemed to be contradictory, Rubio asked, “were any senior officials beyond the assistant secretary level made aware of the repeated requests from the post for extended or additional security – in particular requests made in March and July of 2011?”

“I’m not aware of any specific memo that went beyond the sixth floor,” Burns answered.

“Do you know if anyone beyond the assistant secretary level, going up to the secretary’s level, were they made aware of the more than 200 security incidences that occurred in Benghazi leading up to the attack?”

“There were certainly memos that came up to the seventh floor (senior level) that talked about the deteriorating security situation in Eastern Libya, yes,” said Burns.

According to AP reports on Wednesday, four State Department officials turned in their resignations in connection with the Sept 11 incident.

Obama administration officials said those who resigned were Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security; Charlene Lamb, deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, and Raymond Maxwell, deputy assistant secretary of state who oversees the Maghreb nations of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.





8 thoughts on “Sen. Rubio forces truth about Clinton in Congressional hearings

  1. Hank Sha says:

    If women were in charge in 1776, we'd still be a British Colony.

  2. JACK PEEK says:

    In the ARAB WORLD…..Dealing with a woman at a high level is an insult…….yet we play PC games with it.

  3. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. says:

    The MSM has covered up for Obama, Holder, DOJ, DOD for now 4 years. No matter the item, the corruption, the story, Obama is never guilty and someone else , perhaps W, RNC, NRA, whites, Evangelicals are all to blame. So Fast, Benghazi, all are the fault of…the Admin that caused the ….Fiscal Cliff. Yep, W's, or Reagan or ……Grover or someone other than the Obama Admin. So 4 drones resign yesterday, and the media is willing to give Clinton, Panetta, the CIA, Biden-Obama a pass. Whether we have dead Mexican singing stars, Brian on the border or 4 dead in Libya, it is never Obama's fault. And the moron vote keeps forgiving them over and over and stupidly do not want anything more than security over freedom.

  4. MainStreet says:

    Don't blame all women. Hillary may be an inept administrator, but so is Obama, who doesn't have a clue as to how to run a country. Anyway, what the Senate inquiry should find out is what led up to this tragedy. Did weapons get in the hands of the terrorists?. Was Stevens trying to get them back? If so, why so little security? Why the stand down order for our military? Why were 2 U.S. Generals and one Admiral relieved from duty shortly thereafter? Did the Muslim Brotherhood have anything to do with it? If so, what was the White House involvement? And way far out, did the negotiations for the release of the Blind Sheik have anything to do with the raid? I don't believe any of this was answered by this report.

    1. melanie kremkau says:

      obama isnt trying to run the country…he's trying to destroy it.

  5. seazen says:

    Gee, you think maybe Rubio is playing politics with this? Does he have any idea how many consulates the US has around the world and how many of them are in dangerous areas for Americans? Given that, does he have a notion of how many thousands of decisions are made every day throughout the various sections of the State Department and who makes those decisions? Or does he just think that he can use this to grab a headline or two as he dreams of his own political future?

    Oh, and underneath it all it really is a matter of Obama trying to destroy the country. Anyone hear an echo?

  6. Ted says:

    Let's see what we have here: Rubio is asking some questions about understanding why security in a US Libyan mission was "not up to par". This was a consulate. Not an embassy. If you were going to protect it to the degree it needed, you'd need a platoon or two or US Marines. Or, as someone said "an orbiting gunship or two". It is obvious that no one could have forseen the level of violence that took place there, otherwise, I don't think the Ambasator would have been there. These are unsettled areas, right in the middle of political change. Some of the questioners in Washington seem to think that this was just a walk down to the local 7-11 to pick up some smokes or something. The same people who are complaining about the lack of security at these outposts are the very same who voted against funding for security for these missions. What I think what is going to happen here is that the Republican congressmen who are hanging on to this are going to come out of it like they did when they impeached Clinton. 53 million dollars for the investigation. Lots of the very congressmen who where pressing that case were deep into their own affairs and activities (Gingrich?). This issue is getting to be an embarrassment to the GOP. It has nothing to do with economics. Nothing to do with Medicare or Social Security or gun control. Mr Rubio is a lightweight. He obviously avoids the explosive decisions because he likes his government job. His history has shown this. He couldn't even answer a simple question on how old he thought the earth was. This is an educated man. A lawyer. Lastly, the more the Republicans call Obama voters "morons" and the like takes that potential vote away from the GOP in the future. I think that we can agree that the GOP cannot afford to alienate any voters. Otherwise, they can kiss off future elections for quite awhile.

    This is nothing for the GOP to gain with this debate. Maybe they will get some benefit if Kerry leaves his senate seat in Mass, but I think that that seat will most likely go to a Democrat anyway. The Republicans should move on. This debate is a time waster. There is not enough there to win to make the future damage to the GOP worth it. It sure didn't help in the election. For those of you still rumbling about that subject: Obama won. He is the president for four more years.Get over it. Or like some in the GOP like to say: "Put on your big girl panties on" and get on with what has to be done. Benghazi is a loser.

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