Letter to the editor: Let teachers lock classroom doors

classroom with doorI am a teacher at a charter school in Riviera Beach. In light of the tragic events in Connecticut, my first response, and the overwhelming wish of my students, was to lock the classroom door to “keep the bad guys out.” Ironically, the Palm Beach County School Board requires that classroom doors lock only on the outside. We are not permitted to lock doors from the inside. In light of recent events and the indiscriminate violence directed toward schoolchildren, it is time to change the rules. Let us lock the doors!

Lonnie Martens

Palm Beach Gardens


One thought on “Letter to the editor: Let teachers lock classroom doors

  1. rae levine says:


    Please email me as I am on the same mission for my school. I have information for you. If you can believe this, our door locks were changed to hallway locking only, after a horrible break in at our school. We could not believe it. I screamed then but nobody listened. Metro Davidson County has same policy and they justify it by saying that it is to prevent students from locking themselves inside rooms which is ridiculous as we would have our keys to open. Now, 7 years later, Becky Virgalla, the reading specialist at Sandy Hook, went on national news to tell all that they could not lock their doors from the inside and that was a horrible thing. Email me. I have information and we can share and maybe get something done.

    Rae Levine

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