Poll: What should the chair of the PB County Commission be called?

In a recent interview with Palm Beach County Commission Chairman Stephen Abrams, he explained his recent proposal to change the title of  board chairman to mayor.

His pitch to the six other commissioners garnered a mixed response at Tuesday’s county commission meeting.

We want to know what you, the public, think of the idea. Take our latest poll.

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Jack Furnari

Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.
Jack Furnari


7 thoughts on “Poll: What should the chair of the PB County Commission be called?

  1. Yawn says:

    This is humor?

  2. Kathleen says:

    I think wasting time on a title means they need have too much time on their hands.

  3. John A says:

    What's wrong with Chairman ? I can't believe we waste time on such nonsense.

    If you don't like the Title, you can always resign.

  4. Normally I'd study the reasoning for such a poposal before commenting but in this case I won't even read why he wants the change in title. My guess is that 99% of voters would agree with the sentiments of Kathleen and John A and just tell those we've entrusted with the serious concerns of the county –and pay them well to do so– to just "get to work!"

    1. Abnormal I guess says:

      Why not examine the reasons? Even Bizpac Review supported a Strong Mayor last year. This would not go that far, but would give the county's leader more clout in attracting new businesses and lobbying Tallahassee. You may still disagree, but as a self-styled political leader yourself, you and Bizpac ought to at least discuss the pros and cons like a mature person.

  5. Special Operator says:

    HOW ABOUT "THEIR FIRST NAMES"……………………………they all run for office and get elected using their first names and as soon as they get there they think they "deserve" a title………………….THEY ARE "PUBLIC SERVANTS"………….PERIOD!!!!!!!

  6. tony d. says:

    Based on the history of PBC commissioners, the title I suggest is unprintable .

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