O’Reilly on Tarantino: Does media violence incite murder?

Referring to the violent movie Django Unchained on Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly questioned whether violent movies and other media incite people to commit murder or other violent acts. O’Reilly invited the movie’s star Jamie Foxx and director Quentin Tarantino to appear on the show, but both declined.

Tarantino has taken exception to linking his movies to real life violence. “I don’t think it has anything to do with that, but this has gone all the way back to Shakespeare’s days,” Tarantino said in another interview. “When there’s violence in the streets, the cry becomes blame the playmakers.”

Dr. Chuck Williams, Drexel University psychologist said that as an adult, he enjoys Tarantino’s movies, but that “everybody has to look at what part they play in creating this culture of violence.”

O’Reilly talks of how the level of what is acceptable in the way of violence has changed over the years, and how something that once was taboo is now mainstream.

See the dialogue on media violence here:



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