Rep. Tim Scott expected to replace Sen. Jim DeMint

tim scott scFox News is reporting that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will name Rep. Tim Scott to replace Sen. Jim DeMint, who announced recently he would resign as of Jan. 1 to head the Heritage Foundation, a conservatiev think tank. Haley is expected to make the announcement at noon on Monday.

“There is no question that I’m looking for a conservative person to fill those shoes, but we are never going to find someone as conservative and staunch as Jim DeMint,” Haley told reporters. “What I do think we’ll find is someone who very much understands the state of South Carolina.”

Scott was elected during the “Republican wave” of 2010 and is said to be a “conservative fighter”. He will be South Carolina’s first black Senator.

Read the entire Fox News report here.


One thought on “Rep. Tim Scott expected to replace Sen. Jim DeMint

  1. cs says:

    That's great! Best of luck to Tim Scott! Sadley, we lost a great Rep from Florida, Allen West this election to a Democrat with no experience whatsoever.

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