Photo of Marine jailed in Mexico sent anonymously

Fox News Latino published the first picture of Jon Hammar since he was detained four months ago. The photo, showing Hammar chained to a bed, was sent from an anonymous source in Mexico with a note.

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas –  Held captive in one of Mexico’s most infamous prisons, Marine Veteran Jon Hammar is seen chained to a bed in a new photo sent to the family from an anonymous Mexican email account.

“His eyes look a little lost,” an emotional Olivia Hammar, his mother, told Fox News Latino.  “It doesn’t look like him. I feel like my blood pressure is through the roof.”

The photo shows Hammar in solitary confinement inside the Matamoros state prison, nicknamed CEDES. A scraggly looking Hammar is seen shirtless and barefoot with a beard, jean shorts and with his feet over what appears to be grey crocs. He is sitting on an old twin-sized mattress in a room with chipped walls. A gallon of water and a refrigerator are seen to his right. Hammar is staring at the person taking the photo and does not appear to have any visible injuries.

The email of the photo was sent anonymously from a account.

“I found your email on the Internet and I wanted to send you this photo,” the email read in Spanish.  “I am not giving you my name because I like my job and I don’t want to lose it. Juan is OK but I hope he is let out quickly.”

Marine jailed in Mexico


10 thoughts on “Photo of Marine jailed in Mexico sent anonymously

  1. judyavelsor says:

    Where did you say the President is ? How about the Congress do you know where they are ? Is anyone watching.

  2. Rena Watters says:

    OKAY! FOR GOD'S SAKE GET THIS MAN OUT OF THERE! JON DOES NOT BELONG THERE! Some politicians need to get off their collective butts and get Jon released, he has already suffered enough, He fought for this country, why the hell is he still there? chained like an animal? SERIOUSLY!!! I KEEP PRAYING THAT THE PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP AND START VOTING ALL OF THE POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE!!! all i have left to say to the people running this country is stop your grandstanding and your arguing and get Jon Hammer Home.

  3. Rich says:

    He is one of our boys. The Mexican president has been sending his drug cartels and felons over our borders to destroy our youth and undermine our legal system. Here is an article showing his arrogance. We want our marine back Mister. Congress is pathetic. I talked about this on my show last week.

  4. Mark F. Vinette, MD says:

    Where the hell is Obama and Clinton on this?

  5. fox0311 says:

    If someone doesnt do something maybe a bunch of PTSD addled combat vets will dust off our gear and go get him ourselves. This is BULL! This is an American Hero and he is being treated worse than a dog. I have written my Congressman and demanded that he do something to get him out of there and I recommend anyone reading this to do the same.

    Semper Fi

  6. Emam Muhammed says:

    With G*D's NAME: Yes i have sign petition and contribution that i give is G*D's Guidance which is priceless tho i ask no reward for HIS Guidance, my reward is with HIM however when U understand U will send contributions to me since i am the 1 that have the where with all to start a rejuvenation of the overall recovery of our illustrious Nation via our CREATOR's Power and Guidance. As such i ask U to support my inspiration to govern this Nation with G*D's Guidance and Constitution, thank U. May our CREATOR via Citizens demand the politicians to take action releasing USA soldier out of Mexico's prison chained to a bed.

  7. Emam Muhammed says:

    HOLY QUR'AN 3:144=imam Muhammad "MUHAMMED is no more than the Apostle of ALLAH. Many were the Apostles that passed away before Him. If He died or are slain will you {=Sunni Majority} turn back on your heels? If any did turn on his heels not the least harm will he do to ALLAH but ALLAH will swiftly reward those who serve HIM with gratitude. 145 Nor can a soul die except by ALLAH's leave, the term being fixed as by writing. If any do desire a reward in this life WE shall give it to him, if any desire a reward in the Hereafter {physical death} WE shall give it to him and swiftly shall WE reward those who serve US with gratitude. 146 How many Prophets fought in ALLAH's Way and with them fought large bands of godly men? And they never lost heart if they met with disaster in ALLAH's Way nor did they weaken in will or give in. ALLAH love those

    who are firm and steadfast. 147 All that they said was "Our LORD, forgive us our sins, anything we may have done that transgressed our duty, establish our feet firmly and Help us against those that resist FAITH {12 IMAMS SHIA ISLAM]. 148 ALLAH gave them a reward in this world and the excellent reward of the Hereafter. For ALLAH loves those who do good. Please follow on Twitter imam Muhammad1 @deputyMahdi thank U.

  8. Emam Muhammed says:

    With G*D's NAME: Hon Ppl the way to combat illegal gun crime is increase legal gun carriers i.e. train & "arm all willing teachers posting signs at the entrance." Moral decay of our Nation with same sex marriage, interest, abortion, alcoholism, gambling etc. represented in our gov't is not be tolerated. Please follow on Twitter imam Muhammad1 @deputyMahdi, thank U.

  9. Chyrstal Williams says:

    This is unexceptible! We go around the world to help everyone else that doesn't care if we live or die, but are doing nothing to bring home a United States Marine that puts his life on the line for this country!!! President Obama it is time you send in special forces and bring him home if your negotiations are not working with this goverment!

    1. Chyrstal Williams says:

      I meant this is unacceptable!

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