Liberal Palm Beach Post editor’s epic flub

I’ve always suspected that very few people actually read the editorials written by Randy Schultz, Editorial Page editor of The Palm Beach Post, and after his recent amateurish mistake, I’m certain of it.

That Schultz would publish an anti-gun screed so soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings was a given.

Forget taking advantage of a national tragedy to push a political agenda. That’s what we’ve all come to expect of the left, and we’re never disappointed.

Let’s also put aside that Schultz bizarrely drags into his editorial his favorite target, newly elected Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

Wait, on second thought, let’s not forget it.

Because maybe if Schultz wasn’t so intent on taking yet another shot at Aronberg, he wouldn’t have gotten the name of the school shooter wrong.

After the assault weapons ban, manufacturers got around it by making small design changes. Ryan Lanza may not have bought the weapons he used in Newtown.

Just about every person in the world who can read knows the school shooter was Adam Lanza, not his brother, Ryan.

Did Schultz write this on Friday, when most of mainstream media’s “journalists” incorrectly identified Ryan as the shooter, and then take off for the weekend?

Maybe, but that doesn’t explain why, as of late Monday afternoon, this horrible error still hadn’t been corrected.

Didn’t even one reader spot the mistake and email The Post about it? As of 3:10 p.m. Monday, there were seven comments on Schultz’s editorial online, all about gun control, but no one noticed the wrong shooter had been named.

Kind of makes me think very few actually read it.

If Schultz falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear, does he make a noise?

The full Schultz editorial can be read here.

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Update 8:27 pm: The Post finally corrected Schultz’s ridiculous editorial. FYI, most of the Post writers are regular readers of BizPac Review.

Here’s the screen cap of the first year journalism student error that the Post was obviously not capable of correcting on it’s own.

Randy Schultz flub


Jack Furnari

Jack Furnari

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12 thoughts on “Liberal Palm Beach Post editor’s epic flub

  1. Bocabarbara says:

    I think they need a better editor at The Palm Beach Post- I can't believe no one noticed it.

  2. Big Dem says:

    Stop calling Randy an "editor." He is a propagandist, pure and simple. There is not an ounce of journalist left in him. This, of course, assumes there could have been an ounce of objective journalist in him to begin with.

    1. Big Dem says:

      The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

      Vladimir Lenin

      ^^^Randy's role model.^^^^

  3. Addie Boca says:

    When it comes to any National issue– Shultz always grabs info (misinfo) from other news sources. I think the Post is down to 3 writers and a receptionist. No surprise.

  4. Michael says:

    The post is like a high school paper with children taking news from the internet and rewriting it and calling it reporting

  5. Ummm says:

    What about comments made by Mike Huckabee and James Dobson in the wake of the shooting? Are they not also politicizing this?

  6. I used to have use for the PB Post –but not since my bird died.

    1. Big Dem says:

      I used to like to read Randy's Opinion section right before I went to bed because I could go to sleep with nothing on my mind

  7. Wendy says:

    Most of the media got it wrong. The shooter had his brother's ID on him. Which makes me question, HOW? If the brothers hadn't been in contact with each other in 2 years as Ryan was stated to say, How did the shooter have his brother's ID?

  8. Sarasota John says:

    Well its understandable we have members of the US Congress who don't read the bills they vote for until after its made law, but even then 75% don't.

  9. Hypocrites , Editori says:

    It would be great if we discussed real issues. Editorial typos are the least of our worries. Palm Beach County and business community are going down in flames and a Randy Schultz typo is the focus. By the way the entire media made the same mistake .Fun Fact Dec.15 was the day the Bill of Rights was signed ironic that most are not even aware…………………..

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