Congrats to new Senator Tim Scott; let the racism begin


Gov. Nikki Haley announces Rep. Tim Scott as South Carolina’s newest U.S. Senator

The moment the news hit the air Monday that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was going to appoint Rep. Tim Scott, an African-American, to fill the remainder of outgoing Sen. Jim DeMint’s term, Olivia Adams tweeted, “Congrats to new senator Tim Scott! Great news. Now, let the racist liberals come out in full force. cc: @MSNBC”

Demetrius Minor picked up on this and sent out his own tweet. “Waiting for the meltdown by MSNBC on Tim Scott being chosen to replace Jim DeMint.”

Adams and Minor didn’t have long to wait. The first answer came from someone calling himself only “Bernie,” who wrote, “Cheer the token black. He joins MSteele, HCain, CThomas, AWest, & CRice. No impact on blacks voting 4 #GOP. Another HOUSE #NEGRO @theGrio

None of the people “Bernie” lists are anyone’s “token black.” They all — each and every one of them — made it on their own.

Then someone calling herself “lovelyladypa” entered the fray with two quick tweets:

“TOKEN NEGRO: SC Gov Nikki Haley to name Rep Tim Scott, SC’s first African-American GOP rep since 1901, to replace Sen Jim DeMint. Event” followed by:

“lawd nikki haley picking a token for senate scott to say they hv a blk lawd”

After that, the name-calling escalated a bit. “Token black” and “token negro” became “America’s newest ‘House Negro,’” “Uncle Ruckus,” “Uncle Tom” and “Uncle Tim.”

For the most part, the vitriol came from tweeps hiding behind a nom de plume. If they used a real name, it was generally only their given name — until Indianapolis radio host Amos Brown flexed his Twitter muscles and “observed” that Scott isn’t “black enough.” Under his handle, “@amoswtlcindy,” he tweeted the following:

“Gee, courtesy of S Carolina GOP, the nation gets Tim Scott an ultra-rightwing, Tea Party devotee US Senator who’s Black only in skin color”

Stephen Shelko called Brown out on his remark. “@Amoswtlcindy You are a racist. Demanding that a person hold a certain set of beliefs on account of skin color is the epitome of racism.”

Brown responded wirh, “@stephensheiko From what I’ve seen many of his beliefs holds back African-Americans. Which is a third of his state.” and later, “If it benefits the wealthy and not relief for working class folks, then Mr. Scott’s tax reforms would hold back African-Americans”

So it all comes down to “what’s in it for me?” The president’s rhetoric of “There are no black-Americans or Asian Americans or Latino-Americans — we’re just Americans,” was exactly that — simply rhetoric.

Someone with the Twitter handle “LiberateTheUSA” observed this exchange and brought Brown’s argument to its basest element. “@Amoswtlcindy Because he won’t be playing Santa Claus for votes, straight talker, independent thinker. Excellent nominee! #Cheers!”

Realizing he’d lost the argument at this point, Brown switched the subject to gun control. Wise move.

As I read the above tweets I couldn’t help but think to myself — had Gov. Haley not appointed Scott to his new post, would these same people have been calling her a racist?

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9 thoughts on “Congrats to new Senator Tim Scott; let the racism begin

  1. Big Dem says:

    Just wait and see the racism vomited out by the "racially tolerant" Progressives and Democrats. The vitriol spewed with be horrific! Democrats and leftists cannot allow an American black to stray from the Democrat Plantation and the punishment for daring to think in ways other than the prescribed way is swift and unrelenting. They know that a free-thinking black threatens their stranglehold on the other blacks, who they keep in poverty and perpetual dependency on the federal government for crass political power.

    Doubt me? Wait for the vitriol spewed at me for daring to post this. I will be labeled a racist for pointing out the Democrat 's racism. Never failed to happen when I posted on the local newspaper site.

  2. Tibado says:

    What you are going to get is and endless stream of minority GOP starlets while the leadership remains the same. Scott is just another face for the GOP.

    1. rjgoff says:

      Mr. Scott is a fine man no matter what he looks like. Why in the world so many people to continue to let the current Democratic strategy of division along sex, class and race rule their thoughts is beyond me. Mr. Scott is a U.S. Representative and if an election for the vacted Senate seat was held next week, Mr. Scott would win easily. Get over the divisive rhetoric, please. I supported Obama in '08 and since his election he has served to divide people along the lines of gender, class and race… He spoke of uniting people before his election and has been dividing people since his election. That is why I could never support him again. So wake up people. Start thinking for yourselves. You are being manipulated and you sound like a bunch of robots.

  3. SAMSPAD says:


  4. Hank Sha says:

    MSNBC is a racist network. I will not buy any products that advertise there. I found a list with a google search.

  5. Frank says:

    Let a conservative black man or woman be named to any important post, and the liberals, the real racists come right out of the wood work with every kind of racist comment you can think of: they cannot tolerate any black person doing what they believe in, or standing up for what is right. Blacks have to be dependent on the government, and have no morals or scruples or he is really a white in black skin, for liberals to accept them. I know many blacks I would just love to have for president. I go to Africa and there I submit to blacks, live and sleep in their houses, eat their food. I will love blacks just like whites whether liberal or conservative: I have nobody to avoid; however I will not tolerate what Obama and other liberals are doing to destroy this country.

  6. sunflower says:

    Good job Governor Haley and congratulations to Senator Tim Scott!

  7. Irma Gordon says:

    I mourn the loss of Alan West and cheer the appointment of Tim Scott. O.K. racists, bring it on !

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