Western media slams Christianity, soft-shoes around Islam

christianityI was disturbed by both articles in the Dec. 17 issue of Newsweek dealing with two of this planet’s great religions: Christianity and Islam. But they were not treated in similar fashion.

Who was Jesus?” deals directly with Christianity and mentions that word frequently throughout. Writer Bart D. Ehrman keeps banging away, attempting to destroy the beliefs dealing with the historical Jesus. If I, a Jew, found the article distasteful and demeaning to Christianity, imagine the feelings of readers of that faith.

On the other hand, in the same issue, Janine diGiovanni writes “In the Land of Invisible Women,” about the ordeals of women in the land of Yemen. We are horrified to hear of their forced marriages at 12 years of age, their treatment by men as below that of field animals and their lives lived out as useless other than to reproduce and serve their male masters. However, there is not a word mentioned as to the basis for the subhuman treatment of women. It is, of course, the Koran, Islam and the Muslim faith. The article is replete with the horrors of women in that country, yet no historical cause or solution is offered. Can’t we then assume that other Islamic lands such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and so on also treat women as less-thans?

So what are we to deduce from these articles? Why aren’t all religions treated in the same manner by the mainstream media? Why isn’t Islam put under the same microscope as Judaism and Christianity? Have you heard of Christians threatening to kill Ehrman or the “artists” who created such anti-Christian pieces as “Piss Christ”? Compare the Christian non-violence over this and other horrors to that of Muslims around the world at the publication of the “Mohammed cartoons.” Apparently, the Western media, politicians and ordinary folk will continue to close their eyes to the horrors the adherents of the Muslim faith bring to this world under the cloak of “religion” until the Islamic hijab covers us all.


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