Time to call for Palestine’s ‘unconditional surrender’ to Israel

white flag surrender 2Hanukkah is one of my favorite holidays. It exemplifies the spirit of freedom. But freedom achieved  — not through useless negotiations and appeasement with tyrants, which never works, but with force, through fighting and killing. That’s how we liberated Europe and the Far East in World War II. Do you recall the words, “unconditional surrender”? The Nazis and the Japanese were not offered sit-down bargaining sessions with endless give and take. “Surrender completely,” we told them, “or face annihilation.” They took the offer, and peace was finally achieved.

So why is the world forcing Israel to offer the Palestinians pieces of their own land for peace? Why did we not do the same with the Axis alliance in World War II? Why couldn’t Germany have been permitted to retain Holland and Belgium in 1944, for example, as conquered lands for peace? Under the pro-Palestinian argument, after all, that war could have ended diplomatically, right then and there, right? Ditto with Japan keeping Korea as its prize. No need for the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with such negotiated, civil bargaining, no?

England, France, Belgium, Holland, etc., which all owe their current freedoms to the killing of millions of German civilians and military officers, now hypocritically demand that Israel negotiate with terrorists who promise the destruction of Israel with or without any peace treaty. The United Nations, formed in 1945, was built on the ashes of the people and lands of the Axis powers. It now calls on Israel, the superior military force, to negotiate with the much weaker Palestinians. What was good for the U.N. nations in 1945 should be in order for Israel right now — the “unconditional surrender” of the Palestinians to the militarily and morally superior Israelis.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


20 thoughts on “Time to call for Palestine’s ‘unconditional surrender’ to Israel

  1. Christian Americans says:

    Palestine is Arab land not the illegal Zionist regime

    It was palestine since before Jesus, Moses & beyond that

    Palestine Arab gave Jews a save haven from hitler

    & the Jewish Zionist betrayed there protector and stole there land from the Arabs

    Read your history books

    Long live Palestine ,Long live the Arab people

  2. Barb says:

    Move to Israel. Then you can accomplish your goals. The Palestinians have been tortured for 64 yrs. Your rabbi stands in the Boynton Beach mall and presents his IDF allies as he lights the Menorah. Is this how you secure peace? As a 40 yr resident of Palm Bch Cty I do not intend for your people to to drive us out when you have an entire country for your special people. Learn the Golden Rule and bring peace to the world!

  3. RUSerious says:

    This article has to rank as one of the most uncivilized of all the stupid articles from your organization.

  4. RUSerious says:

    As Israel lobbyist Robert Wexler keeps telling people, if Israel doesn't sign off on a two state solution, there will no longer be a 'Jewish' state of Israel as the majority of the population will be Arab and will demand the vote.

  5. Alan Bergstein says:

    RUSerious brings up Wexler as the ultimate maven on Israel. Wexler was a staunch supporter of the Oslo Accords, the Isralei retreat from Lebanon and the Gaza land return: all disasters for Israel. Any suggestions from him should be cast aside as pro-Palestinian. The other anti-Israel respondents ignore my last line in which I bring up the morals of Palestinians. Just what provisions have THEY fulfilled under their obligations to the Oslo Accords, Camp David I & II, The Wye River Accords, The Sharm El Sheik Accords or any other "contracts of peace" they have signed with Israel? Do you believe anything other than the destruction of Israel, as they daily claim is their goal, will satisfy them? Just what moves for peace have the Palestinians made since 1993? I am ready and willing to debate the issues with any of the above signerrs. Give me a date and I will be there? Will you?

  6. Alan Bergstein says:

    Oh, excuse me, RUSerious, Wexler is not a lobbyist for Israel. Rather, he is a lobbyist for The Center for Middle East Peace, which is run by S. Daniel Abrahams, who was a fervent, devoted supporter of Yasser Arafat. The CFMEP is a Leftist, pro-Palestinian support group that masquerades as "pro-Israel." Please, read their commentaries and what they truly stand for. Obviously bright people should not take for granted the statements of such frauds as Wexler, Debbie Schultz, Bruce Warshall , Jeremy ben Ami and others of this ilk, without checking their backgrounds, ideologies and group memberships.

  7. MORT KUFF says:

    Alan Bergstein forms his intellectual assessments based upon documented, historical evidence. He sites people, places, events, dates and sources in support of hi positions. I don't see any such reasoned counter arguments among the responses.

    Obviously, knee-jerk vitriol and name-calling are the verbal tools of choice for some of those who took time away from contemplating their navels, to give expression to their ignorance.

    Congrats to BixPac for providing a forum for topical discussion.

  8. Sabrina says:

    One of the most stupid articles I've seen in a while. Alan's entire argument comes down to this piece of nonsense in his fairytale land where Israel is the victim and Palestine is the aggressor.

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