Dem. Rep. Johnson tells Cavuto to ‘shut up’ in heated words on cuts

Friday’s Washington Post, a liberal periodical, chided the Democratic Party for its refusal to come up with spending cuts, especially in the area of entitlement reform.

Proving this very point, Fox News host Neil Cavuto repeatedly asked U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Tx., what spending cuts she would agree to in order to avoid the January “fiscal cliff.” Although she could come up with all kinds of tax increases, she was unable to name a single expense item she would get rid of.

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10 thoughts on “Dem. Rep. Johnson tells Cavuto to ‘shut up’ in heated words on cuts

  1. Bruce says:

    Same old STUFF from the left. It never ends. TAX & SPEND is their only answer.

  2. dave says:

    Cut there pay check they havin balance the buget in years not doing there job. cut there pay check.

  3. Joseph Jr says:

    LOL,way to go Neil. This continuous babble from the liberals is going nowhere. My problem is the fact that the GOP would even consider raising any tax in an economy like this. It is economical suicide. Those who create jobs will not lose profits to taxes. They will cut benefits and employees but they will not stand for the government taking their hard earned money because they can't be responsible enough to cut spending. Obama is a dictator. He sees this election he stole as an open road to all he wants. He wants ultimate power and this is not a country to stand back and watch that happen. Tell Obama to cut his pay and benefits and ask others in our government to do the same. It will never happen. Obama want everything for himself.

  4. yvonne says:

    Get the molasses out of your ass or mouth. Who votes these people in . she on the kool AID… WASTE OF AN INTERVIEW.

  5. Jim williams says:

    she has no idea of what is going on, cut out all the loopholes on income is a power grab between Obama and beohner, cut the salires of the congress and senate.put them on the same ins, I haave to 2% of rich furnish jobs for the other 98 % of work force, cut frAUD IN WELFARE, MED.CAIDE. SSI-DISABILITY.


  7. releggneh says:

    Can't come up with one entitlement cuts, only thing out of her mouth is generating more revenue so they can spend more. Sorry Beech, I'm all tapped out!

  8. dave says:

    who elects a person like this that can not answer a simple question?

  9. KAREN says:

    All Democrats know how to do it spend spend spend……look at the last 4 yrs and what Obozo has done to this country and is still trying his best to continue the rampage of spending. Someone said he is a dictator and they are soooooo right!!! When he destroys this country which will happen by 2016, all those idiots that voted for Obozo will wonder what the hell happened and will not admit they voted for him, I guarantee it……He thinks he is "King" and wifey is "Queen"…..he is the worst Prez we have EVER had. God Help the USA.

  10. cs says:

    Another stooge for the dumocrats! Just keep tax and spending,take no responsibility to balance the budget and paying off national debt. The very sad thing is, people like this women, and many like her in the dumocrat party will keep getting reelected by the govment dependent sheeple in the districts they rep.

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