ABC News reports: Who was Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza?

ABC News has provided a complete report on the horrific shooting at  Sandy Hook Elementary School and the background of the shooter Adam Lanza of Newtown, Connecticut.

Click HERE for more exclusive video and link to the ABC News article.


4 thoughts on “ABC News reports: Who was Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza?

  1. Hank Sha says:

    Talking about him just promotes him and gives the next nut a motive to do this….bad things happen….stop the circus…just move on…no one can stop a nut who is willing to die in the act of killing others…

  2. Mary Diaz says:

    The media contributes to all the hype thats what they make their money on.

    Then they always add their own agenda which is not reporting the news they try to put their own ideas in place.

  3. 1wayout says:

    When we hold those responsible for selling the weapons accountable, then we will cut down on the senseless violence. It is too easy to purchase weapons. How can a gun shop sell guns to young people? I would hate to be the one that sold these. I hope there is no sleep or rest for their soul until they stop.

  4. Robert Russnogle says:

    He didn't buy the weapons. He stole them from his mother after he killed her. Left the rifle in the back of his car and entered the school with the two handguns (also stolen). Is NO guilt for a gun shop any way

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