State Dept. refuses to give up names of Benghazi survivors

While 20 Americans were evacuated from Benghazi the night of the consulate attack, Rep. Jason Chaffettz, R-UT, says the State Department refuses to release their names or grant access to the injured.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Chaffetz says he went to Libya and spoke with people who had first-hand knowledge of the event. However, when he asked the State Department “specifically, not only about the four people that were killed, but who was injured, how many were injured, where are they today” they have refused to provide any information.

Chaffetz has asked three major television networks to help, but it seems no one has been given the information. He says normally, in operations from places such as Afghanistan, names are withheld for 48 hours at the most. The State Department is indicating that nothing will be released until the official report is finished, initially expected within 60-65 days, but now approaching three months.

Chaffetz expressed his concern about the time line released, saying it took 18-25 hours to extract the injured and get them to an American facility in Germany.

“If they would simply fill in the blanks, no one would have any reason to be suspicious,” said Van Susteren. “We’re only being suspicious because they won’t give us the information and we get silly answers that just don’t make sense.”

“When Americans go down, we go get them, but this president didn’t do that,” said Chaffetz.

See the Fox News interview here:


Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


5 thoughts on “State Dept. refuses to give up names of Benghazi survivors

  1. The survivors could shine light to what occurred in Benghazi! All this administration knows how to do is lie, lie & continue to lie. Plus cover-ups! Benghazigate= TREASON Why? Assistance/Denied,Americans/Died, Obama/Lied. Treason because this administration aided & a betted the enemy! Well planned, terrorist attack! We the People have another concern! The survivors lives are in jeopardy! If you believe they are truly safe from this Government, you are sadly & mistakenly wrong!

  2. Diane Argabrite says:

    WHY is THIS so COVERED UP??????????

    Those parents deserve an answer as do WE!!!!!

    This so called President Needs to give us an answer!!!

  3. The situation in Libya is being politicized and the victims and there families being instrumented as a ruse to create doubt of Obama’s leadership. Public access to real facts is being whitewashed by this rhetoric while conservative hands paint the Blackface on our President. Watch them mix and apply the paints to his face in a portrait of Obama being Bamboozed by the Far Right at

  4. Big Dem says:

    Just like Cindy Sheehan chnted:

    Obama lied.

    Americans died.

    Now Obama is covering it up and the press is helping by spiking the story. Thanks to Bizpac for working it and not letting Obama & the Democrats get away with it.

  5. George Mitchell says:

    The president has been selling or giving arms to the terrorist and it backfired.

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