Parents of former Marine in Mexican jail plead for help

The desperate parents of a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned to the American public for help. Jon Hammar, 27, has been held in a Mexican prison in Matamoros for the past four months, and the U.S. Consulate and State Department have provided minimal help.

Hammar and a friend were on their way to Costa Rica for a surfing trip. Hammar brought an antique shotgun along to go hunting with, and filled all the proper paperwork out at the U.S. Custom’s checkpoint. However, when he crossed the border into Mexico, he was immediately arrested for having a weapon that does not comply with Mexico’s “gun laws.” Fox News reported Hammar was “charged with an aggravated felony punishable up to 15 years in prison.”

Hammar’s parents received a ransom call demanding $1800, and Jon told his father, “They’re serious, Dad. I’ll pay you back; they are going to kill me.” The parents also said their son had been chained to his bed for days at a time.

The prison is under the control of the extremely violent and dangerous Los Zetas and Gulf drug cartels, and the Hammer’s fear for their son’s life.

The parents had kept the story out of the press due to concern’s for their son’s safety. Now, after four long months, they have asked the American public for help in the hope that public pressure will get their son released.

Read the source articles here: Fox, CNN

Watch a CBS News Online interview with the family here:


Marine in Mexican jail


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9 thoughts on “Parents of former Marine in Mexican jail plead for help

  1. joe says:

    I cant believe Hillary and Obama have not fixed this,WTF

  2. Kathy says:

    I don't understand. Why has the State Department done nothing? There has to be something someone can do, if they CHOOSE to. Why does this administration find it so difficult to see to the safety of an American on foreign soil? Who will protect the American people if not their own government?? This is all getting pretty scarey!!

  3. Granny says:

    Time to drop the bomb on Mexico, they are worthless as teets on a boar hog along with our government.

  4. mariaisahag says:

    You have to be stupid for traveling through mexico especially with a gun. Its like accidently hiking into Iran. duh

  5. americanMe says:

    They kept it a secret for 4 months and you are wondering why he is still in jail? Maybe if they asked for help he would be out by now.

  6. liffin says:

    People who still vacation to mexico are living in a dream world. It is run by mini-mobs, with no end in sight. I favor legal international travel and trade, but mexico is more of a national prison then a vacation destination.

    Secure the borders and enforce travel restrictions until they clean up. Keep in mind they are blaming us for their problems: gangs, corruption, drug smuggling, gun smuggling, etc. We blame them for our drug problems. Since we are such a bad influence on each other, they should want strong border protection. Maybe they will help us build the wall. Labor is cheaper on their side anyway.

  7. lee peterson says:

    where the hell is our government???? how can we allow this to happen? If it was a kid of this government they would have been all over this. Send in a Seal team and bring him home. Hey, you Marines out there remember,We leave no one behind . someone go get him its obvious this government isn't doing anything.

  8. alfredo campos says:

    NO GUNS IN MEXICO………………….

  9. I know there is so much going on in the world right now for mainstream media to pay attention to detail with this story. Most people dont know any of the deatils behing this story, esp if your just reading a brief from a site this this. This kid was on a surf trip and followed all the laws he was supposed in reagard to having this antique rifle, with permits and paper work on both the American and Mexican institutions… unless you want to see all the facts released, without fact turning into fiction, I suggest we all please Tell the f***ing consulate to send some representatives and lawyers to Mexico to fix this bulls**t. The Mexican authorites are wroking hard to keep this kid safe in a prison where several cartels including the zetas are threatening him with death wrongfully, mostly because thats all they know how to do. tell them to stay out of it. This is not anyone's problem but the congress of both international political institutions, United States and Mexican policies. marshall law should be backing this, if you were and MP you would know…tell our GOV, if they do not send the right ppl down there to fix this, there will be a massive example made from this. one large enough to change the government down there and future changes we do not need up here, but will happen. no ratifications to the consittuons unless the changes catalyzed will help all the innocent people held down by fear in these countries. Mr.President I know you have alot more on you plate then this right now, but tell some of the Representatives to get off their ass's and do it.


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