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High-level women Democrats furious with Obama over Rice’s withdrawal

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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell spoke to Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening about the fall-out from the withdrawal of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s name for consideration of Secretary of State.

Be sure to catch the very first part of the interview where Mitchell said:

On paper, [Susan Rice is] very, very well qualified, so having opposed a woman, and a woman of color given what they’ve just experienced in this presidential election, I think the conclusion on the WH is that Republicans will pay a higher price.

Mitchell also said Democrats, especially women Democrats, are very angry with the President for not showing Amb. Rice enough respect or support, and “for not be willing to fight this out.”

However, I take issue with the comment Mitchell made saying, in effect, that a report next week will likely “conclude that the State Department was largely at fault for failure, security failures prior to Benghazi. So to blame Susan Rice, who’s over at the U.N., mostly in New York City, for Benghazi is really a stretch.”

As far as I have seen, no one has ever blamed Rice for Benghazi.  The harsh criticism she faced, and the reason GOP Senators would have fought tooth and nail against her nomination is their frustration and fury at a Cabinet member in the Administration knowingly telling the American people a false story. How, then, could GOP Senators possibly allow such a person a promotion to the top diplomatic position in this country?

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