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Florida Secretary of State visits ‘under-performing’ election offices

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Gertrude Walker
St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker
Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner advised the Senate Committee on Ethics and Elections of his tour of five “under-performing” county election offices. Of those five, two of them — 40 percent — helped spell the defeat of freshman Congressman Allen West’s re-election bid.

Detzner visited Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher on Wednesday afternoon. He will meet with St. Lucie County Election Supervisor Gertrude Walker Friday morning.

St. Lucie County was the most troubling. It was the only one in the state that failed to publish its election results “accurately or timely.”

“When you look at under-performance, it could be an administrative issue, could be an issue about judgment, about turnout, could be an issue about locations of the early voting sites,” Detzner told the Senate committee. “It could be manpower issues and it could be technology. All of these issues encompass the fact-finding effort that we’re going to go about.”

This isn’t St. Lucie County’s first visit after the Nov. 6 election fiasco there. In mid-November three election supervisors audited Walker’s office and practices.

As reported by TC Palm:

After the election, Walker ordered a partial recount and admitted thousands of votes were either not counted or counted twice. She has said the partial retabulation of 16,275 votes cast during the first three days of the month remedied the situation. She said the 21,000 votes from the other five days had no issues. The memory cards in the vote tabulating machines had issues, she has said.

The following weekend, the canvassing board opted to rerun all the early ballots after finding 306 votes that were never counted. The board did not finish on time to report updated results to the Department of State.

The remaining of the five under-performing counties are Lee, Miami-Dade and Broward.

Read more at TC Palm.

WPTV Channel 5 news report:


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