Americans brace themselves for new ‘job-killing’ regulations

Obama thumbs upIf you think unemployment has been high during the last four years, brace yourself — you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Many economists agree the best way to lower unemployment and increase revenue is by widening the tax base. Create an environment where entrepreneurs want to create new businesses and business owners want to expand. The president is doing the exact opposite.

According to Matthew Daly of The Associated Press, a plethora of new regulations are coming our way, all of which increase business costs, kill jobs and destroy incentive. These include everything from Environmental Protection Agency attempts to regulate rainwater runoff on private property to mandates that data-recording “black boxes” be installed on automobiles.

During the final months of the presidential campaign, federal agencies’ rule-making authority was placed on hold. Now that Obama has won his second term, there’s no longer a need to lay low.

Republican lawmakers are concerned, especially Sen. Jim Imhofe of Oklahoma. He foresees a huge growth in regulatory power, especially to the EPA, which often came under attack during the president’s first term in office.

“Under an Obama EPA that has earned a reputation for abuse, American families will be subjected to a regulatory onslaught that will drive up energy prices, destroy millions of jobs and further weaken the economy,” Imhofe wrote in a 14-page report on expected EPA regulations for 2013. The report predicts an influx of regulations that “spell doom for jobs and economic growth.”

As economic growth declines, it takes down with it jobs and the tax revenue that accompany them. The Obama administration doesn’t seem to understand this basic maxim.

On Page 208 of the president’s proposed budget, the White House estimates a 37 percent increase in corporate tax revenue from 2012 to 2013 – from $281 billion to $385 billion. The proposal should have begun with the words, “Once upon a time.”

Read more at The Associated Press.

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6 thoughts on “Americans brace themselves for new ‘job-killing’ regulations

  1. Big Dem says:

    Here it comes. The crushing power of a totalitarian federal government intent on removing individual liberty as much and as quickly as possible through federal regulation. Now America gets to see what they voted for…socialism of the old Russian dominated slavic countries type.

  2. Rich says:

    If we don't get past the partisan wars we will continue to sink.

  3. KB Cook says:

    How long can you tread water?

  4. jane klassy says:

    When Obama made office the first time i saw satan in his eyes that said i got you now America right where i want you.Mitt Romney tried to tell everyone with goodness. His truthfullness showed right through his eyes. He is a American that loves God and our country. When is America going to wake up! Never i see in sight! Contiuously casting our country and this world to evil and fear. Distroy America from within and it started with the the masons and the secretes in the dollar bill.Womens movement that was started from a women that was a communist and also with the plan towards the one world order. The one country with the values of the Lord had to be broken down morally first. Taking the man from head of the house hold was the beginning to weaken family values and make women and children vunerable to government help. God put the man head of his castle to protect his family with values from God. Then prayer and the pledge of allegence taken from our schools so children would loose respect and not know the value of being a true American and that God was our strength and our salvation in America.. Schools limited to what they taught to our children. The corruption of nude bars grew by the thousands to corrupt the minds even farther away from moral law to the sin of lust and immoral ways. Then you have the nude books that stare innocent pure children with images of evil messages. Then you have drug pipes visable to all telling people it is for tobacco bold lie for the many uses. Then you have the food additives that are shortening peoples lives and causing disease in the name of big money. It is not for the health of our bodies. Then you have big drug companies making poison everyday shortening lives of people that are designed to cause more illness. Further distroying our country with addictions that distroy every one it's path to total devestations. Music changed to impact minds with evil messages that helped satan to grow. Tv went from good family shows to saying the Lords name in vein and cuss words and nudity being public to make people think it is ok. Then you have fights amoung husbands and wifes and they turn to the same sex and were cultivated into thinking it is normal and you were just born this way. Without God's strengh he gave us in the 10 rules the Ten Commandments we have no hope and i can not Blame God for stupid ways of his children. Obama has one plan to have Obama's America and to complete his plan to the one world order.Refuse the micro chip when the time comes and see what happens. After he does this we will all be eliminated if we breath the word God. But do not worry people we already have a number by the internet we are being monitered now. Control is just beginning hold on for the rough ride it will not be pretty till God returns to claim the world that only he made for us. Obama is not God just a evil puppet like all the others that will one day roast in hell forever. Stay close to God and say your prayers everyday he is the only one that ever promised everlasting life. He who lives for this life will have a eternity to regret it. Real unconditional love is the only thing that will save the world.I am ready to die in the name of Jesus are you?

  5. Big Dem says:

    I agree with you, Rich. Obama and the Democrats need to give up their radical socialist agenda and become more in line American citizens.

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