Top 40 most insane things that happened in Florida in 2012 published

eyeballHere come the countdown lists!

As 2012 comes to an end, the lists begin to pop up. Maybe it’s because I am a reporter or a news junkie, or maybe because I live in Florida, but this top 40 published by BuzzFeed got my attention. Counting back from 40, they released a list of  the 40 most insane things that happened in Florida in 2012.

Here are three of my favorite headlines:

  • Florida woman attacks husband with ice cream after seeing him with mistress
  • Bogus dentist  accused of kissing buttocks of woman with toothache
  • Massive Fail. Florida restaurant under fire for racially offensive menu items 

I must admit that I missed a lot of the stories when they came out during the year. Unfortunately, I did not miss what turned out to be the number one headline for crazy stuff that happened in Florida in 2012. It was just as painful the second time around, as when I read it the first time.

The top story was not what I guessed  it would be. You might be surprised.

This is worth checking out. Now I think I will go look to see if there is a similar top 40 for California, because you just know they are the only other state that will have us beat in the “bizarre” category!

HERE is BuzzFeed’s LIST


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