Take our poll: Should Obama & Congress get a holiday vacation?

Nicole Hayward from Brooklyn has circulated the following petition to tell Congress they should not be allowed to go home for the holidays until after they settle the “fiscal cliff” problem. Take our poll and tell us what you think.

To: Congress

I oppose your holiday vacation until the “fiscal cliff” is STOPPED.

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17 thoughts on “Take our poll: Should Obama & Congress get a holiday vacation?

  1. Michael D. Capizola says:

    The pres can't go on vacation! He is campaigning yet or again or eternally. I want my next job to be traveling the world spouting off about my beliefs. Has this president ever spent a solid week working? He is a delegator in chief. Imagine how much all this travel, vacations and campaigning costs us taxpayers. And who is paying the union workers at the motor plant while they listen to the argument that the right-to-work legislation is "politics". President, stay in the White House and get this done. How can business and the public plan their lives without knowing what their taxes will be in two weeks? It is incompetent governing at its finest.

  2. Ted says:

    No vacations for anyone until the fiscal problem is solved. Now for the Obams haters. He won. Grumble, whine, cry, load your pants all you want, he still won. Live with it. Next time, if the GOP is serious about winning, nominate serious candidates, not the scary, silly fools that put their names in the ring this time. Also, mix your Fox watching with a little MSNBC and get the whole story, and not that silly, unrealistic poop that dish out at Fox. I still don't believe that some of you people eat that up. Please.

  3. John Koza says:

    I think it is a tragedy that the Executive and Legislative Branches of this country have such little feeling for their fellow Americans that they would leave on PAID vacation without settling some of the massive problems that face this country. They, as my mother used to tell me when I transgressed as a child, SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES, especially President Obama after spending hundreds of millions on his campaign. Americans are hurting and our elected officials receive all the nice perks which continue even after they're out of office and they don't have the decency or common sense to work together to find cooperative solutions to make the lives of all Americans better. It's all about themselves and one day they they will answer for their selfishness and what appears to a lot of us in the hinterlands as greed. When I was growing up Democrats and Republicans had their differences, but they found a way to come together in the best interest of all. Nowadays, they don't even try. No wonder 30 states want to secede. There is absolutely no leadership on a consistent basis. I don't believe President Obama when he gives us these sob stories of who he's talked to who's in great poverty or he wouldn't fly Air Force One over NYC giving someone a tour on the taxpayer's dollar or Michelle wouldn't take a $1 million trip to, I believe, Brazil with a bigger entourage than Elvis used to have which was again on the taxpayer. All great societies in history had their downfall when the central government got "too big for its britches" and overspent on everything. The government IS AND NEEDS TO BE RUN LIKE A BUSINES. You simply can't spend your money on everything…you have to cut back here and there in certain years. Develop a strategic plan, identify your priorities and solve them. Then go to the next tier. If we don't straighten up and fly right, we will burden our children and grandchildren with a United States of America that our founding fathers will look down upon and say, "WE GAVE YOU THE FRAMEWORK AND TOOLS TO BE THE GRANDEST NATION ON EARTH BUT BICKERING, IN-FIGHTING, SELFISHNESS, GREED, OVERSPENDING, LACK OF CONSIDERATION FOR YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS AND A LOSS OF COOPERATION AND TRULY WANTING TO SOLVE FISCAL AND ECONOMIC PROBLEMS TO BETTER ALL AMERICANS HAS BEATEN YOU. WE BROKE FROM ENGLAND AND GAVE OUR LIVES FOR FREEDOM AND A WAY OF LIFE UNKNOWN TO MANKIND. AND YOU TAKE A VACATION IN LIGHT OF WHAT YOU'RE FACING. WE THOUGHT YOU VALUED WHAT WE STARTED MORE THAN THAT!"

  4. Ted says:


    I agree sith 98% of your offerings. Biparticianship should be a graded part of a politician's campaign. Blocking and getting nothing done should never be tolerated. As far as presidential travel is concerned; much of the president's traveling is requirements of the office. This is outlined in guidelines that define what is presidential travel at tax payers' expense and what is campaign travel. Campaign travel is paid for by the DNC or RNC, political committees or contributors (PACs?). Where ever the president goes, he is still the president. All security and capability has to go with him. As for Mrs Obama. Her office has a budget and travel guidelines also. Security has to go with her also. You want to see some funny stuff, check out the travel of senators and representatives at the expense of their contributors and special interests. This should be stopped, same as the lobbying that congressmen do after they depart politics. Sometimes, when they are voted out of office, they are outraged that they have to go back to their life without all these goodies. West and others comes to mind.

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