Ira Sabin is new PB County GOP Chairman

Ira Sabin

Incoming Palm Beach County GOP Chairman Ira Sabin

By a whisker-thin two-vote margin, Palm Beach County Republican Treasurer Ira Sabin was elevated to the party’s Chairman position at the Republican Executive Committee meeting Wednesday night.

Sabin garnered 71 votes to his opponent’s 69, Palm Beach Republican Club President Marie Hope Davis. Sabin, who lives in south Palm Beach County, has been active in both the county REC and the Republican Jewish Coalition. With his election as party chairman, he accepts the reins from 10-year GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein, who announced last month that he would not seek re–election.

Also elected last night were Boca Raton attorney Michael Barnett, who ran unopposed for Vice Chairman, and James Spafford who ran unopposed for the treasurer slot.

The evening’s only other contested race was for the party’s secretary position. Alison Rampersad defeated Richard Gallant for this slot. Rampersad is an assistant professor at Lynn University’s College of Business & Management.

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5 thoughts on “Ira Sabin is new PB County GOP Chairman

  1. airborne66 says:

    Big mistake electing Sabin. He might be a nice guy but he will never turn the Jewish residents in Palm Beach County to vote Republican. Just look at last month's election. Obama would not come out and say he would support Isreal and yet he carried the Jewish vote.

  2. Big Bamboo says:

    What's amazing is the small number of people who voted at the meeting. REC members stayed away from the meeting in droves.

  3. Not Impressed says:

    I guess almost half the people didn't want him. If they are smart they will all chip in for his anger management class.

  4. Joan says:

    Anger management class???? I would assume persons in leadership positions had learned to control their anger. Anger gives away power. Who would want to do this??????

  5. Quan says:

    Four comments and not a single positive one! How do we expect the anger to subside? Unlike Dynerstein's era, this one started with lack of engagement and participation and party faithful split right down the middle. Show some leadership and start a message of unity. Unless your house is in order, Ms. Bucher will have a good time with you, Little Big Man.

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