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Allen West on fiscal cliff: ‘We’ve got a mission’

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Rep. Allen West, R-FL, has said that negotiating with the president is “silly,” and Wednesday night he reiterated that point in an interview with Greta Van Susteren.

“The argument boils down to about $85 billion per year,” said West, “while we’re printing money to the tune of $45 billion per month,” due to a decision by the Federal Reserve to buy back treasury stock.

“This is not about a revenue issue, it’s a spending issue,” West said. Van Susteren asked about the upcoming long holiday break, to which West responded, “We’ve got a mission to do and we can’t go home until we take care of it.”

Van Susteren blasted Pelosi and other members of congress who were complaining that they were missing their holiday vacation. She said they’ve known for 18 months that this problem was looming and did nothing to solve it.

“The one constitutional duty we have is to produce a budget, and for three years they have failed to do that under the Senate led by Harry Reid,” explained West. “It’s in violation of their constitutionally mandated duty.”

“It will be interesting to see who goes on vacation,” said Van Susteren. To that West replied, “I’ll be right here.”

See the Fox News interview here:



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