Sean Penn honors Chavez with ‘love and gratitude’

I don’t want to dislike Sean Penn anymore than I have for years, but every time he opens his mouth and spews his thoughts on politics, it just reaffirms my decision to boycott his movies years ago.

On Monday night, Penn attended a candlelight vigil honoring socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in La Paz, Bolivia. He wore a jacket with the Venezuelan flag, and expressed the following emotional sentiments for his friend Chavez who is in Cuba recovering from his fourth cancer surgery:

He is one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet. And I will wish him nothing but that great strength he has shown over and over again. I do it in love, and I do it in gratitude. So I just want to say that from my very American point of view, of my friend President Chavez: It is only possible to be so inspiring as he is, as a two way street. And he would say his inspiration is the people.

Really, Sean? Chavez is “inspiring?” For running the country into an economic disaster with his socialist agenda? For the rampant crime and blackouts Venezuelans must live with? For being such good friends with America’s enemies?

Well, I just want to say to Sean, from my very American point of view, shut up or move out of the USA. And cut your hair, you freak.

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Watch Sean Penn wish his good friend President Chavez well during a vigil in Bolivia:

Janeen Capizola

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4 thoughts on “Sean Penn honors Chavez with ‘love and gratitude’

  1. Sandra Freeman says:

    Sean Penn~~ Why don't you just move to Venezuela, if you think he's so Great!, better yet I am sure you could move in with him!!~~~` YOU MORON!!!

  2. Jim williams says:

    You are disgracing the United States of America, I have watch nearly all you acting works, love them all you are atalent for sure, ,but you need to move their with you dictator commie freind, WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR FELMS AGIN, TAKE OBAMA WITH YOU PLEASE

  3. I don't understand why so many are speaking to people who aren't our friends!

  4. Richard Pasley says:

    I would like Mr. penn to release all of his money to the poor in the USA to prove his belief in the socialist system. And then, I would really like to see him relocate to Venezuela as a poor person to see how enligtened he may become.

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