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Chris Matthews bullies nonprofit AFP director over salary

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As if Americans for Prosperity weren’t beaten up enough – literally – in Michigan on Tuesday afternoon, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews pounded them again on Tuesday night. Scott Hagerstrom , Michigan State Director for AFP, appeared on Matthews’ show to a barrage of questions regarding his salary.

While the discussion was to be centered around the right-to-work legislation passed in Michigan, Matthews seemed to be more interested in beating up on Hagerstrom. “Who’s paying your salary?” Matthews questioned repeatedly after accusing him of working for the Koch brothers.

Hagerstrom remained calm, replying “I work for Americans for Prosperity…This is about freedom for everybody.” Hagerstrom tried to explain that AFP is a nonprofit organization funded by over 3,000 donors. Matthews responded rudely with “Who’s that?”

“I came here to talk about the policy, and this is about freedom, this about economic liberty,” said Hagerstrom before being interrupted again by Matthews.

“Who’s paying your salary?…No, but who’s paying your salary to do it? Who’s paying your salary to do what you’re doing right now?…Who’s paying your– to do this today?” said Matthews, preventing Hagerstrom from finishing a sentence.

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