Violent Michigan mob turns on Steven Crowder, assault captured on video

PJTV and Fox News commentator Steven Crowder has long been a favorite of BizPac Review writers, editors and readers alike. His humor and “man in the street” interviews often illustrate the truth of conservative beliefs far better than any commentator.

Crowder showed up in Lansing, Mich. during the right-to-work vote and interviewed union members and officials near the Americans for Prosperity tent.

Apparently they didn’t appreciate the fact that Crowder was sticking up for a female demonstrator in favor of right-to-work. A union thug, without warning, laid into him with bare knuckles.

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  1. frank d says:

    Big Dem first I have to get over the idea that a republican would read a book . so your the one I might have heard about you .what was it power went out or Fox noise reception problems? anyways mabey ill have a gander after I read Unequal Protection , Screwed was a phenomenal book and I think the whole Thom Hartman catalogue is on my to read list . Id suggest it but its a tad to much truth for a republican .

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