Ira Sabin: ‘If I’m elected I plan to make Susan Bucher’s life miserable’

The Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee is about to elect a new chairperson. On Dec. 12, the members will vote on a replacement for long-time chair, Sid Dinerstein, who did not seek reelection this year.

Candidate Ira Sabin is the current treasurer of the organization and has been vocal about changes he thinks need to be made to the group struggling to recruit and retain members.

His main goal is to set up an “infrastructure,” something he said that has been missing for a long time and it is desperately needed. A secondary goal Sabin shared – his intention to make Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher’s life “miserable.”

Sabin described his vision in BizPac Review’s exclusive interview. To find out about Sabin’s opponent, go to New ‘Hope’ for PBC GOP.



20 thoughts on “Ira Sabin: ‘If I’m elected I plan to make Susan Bucher’s life miserable’

  1. Miss me yet says:

    Suddenly Sid Dinerstein is not looking so bad. Has anyone made the "Miss me yet" signs for Sid?

  2. Janet M. says:

    Rifraffe: A candidate needs only 50%+1 vote to win so 51% means you lose. It's obvious republicans are not anti-moron – you're a member of the part,y so it goes without saying.

    Statements like "100% of the freeloaders in this country voted for him…" is why your team lost. Funny Romney lost nationwide by 47%. Oh the irony! LMAO!

  3. Rich says:

    Susan Bucher is like the road runner. Try to catch her.

  4. rifraffe says:

    You are right Janet. 51% means we lose. But that hardly means we are marginalized. . .to be fair, which is all Obama cares about if I read him correctly. And please don't "LMAO". I understand from some of your neighbors that yours is quite respectable!

  5. part deux says:

    Here we go again. The PBCGOP needs an aggressive young person leading the party. The old mindset clearly is not working. Ira's rant about Susan Bucher just proves how out of touch he is. There are many Republicans in PBC but few get involved because the PBCGOB is run like a private club. Nothing will change in PBC until new ideas and new people are asked to join the leadership. Our country is being run by a YOUNG president. If that doesn't speak volumes about what the country wants, then we are truly out of touch. Just sayin…

    1. Sam says:

      part deux

      You are right about the PBCGOP needing somebody young, but no one younger is running. Mr. Sabin is not young and Ms. Davis is even older! So your choices are old and older.

  6. Sam says:

    @ Janet

    Like I said, your other option is this timid, complacent and feeble woman who looks like she is scared of her own shadow. If you're going to take shots a Mr. Sabin being a "thug mafia boss", then I guess you don't mind someone doing the same to Ms. Davis. Your option other than Ira is like electing a ghost! To borrow from Cling Eastwood, you might as well elect an "empty chair"! It would be better to have Mr. Sabin in position, if only to have someone with a voice worth listening too! Ms. Davis' interview on BP was like watching this "meek & lowly" person wearing a sign across her that says "WALK ALL OVER ME"! We don't need some push over or someone that is going to make the Dems laugh and start licking their chops as if they can't wait to see how much they can get away with if Ms. Davis is elected.

  7. Quan says:

    The way to start a campaign is to unite and motivate. I am truly not impressed by either the knowledge or the strategy. Party members should consider someone else.

  8. boca spin doctor says:

    Ira is clearly the best candidate to replace my cousin Sid. He is knowledgeable, articulate and knows his way around Palm Beach County politics. There is no question that he should be elected Chair of the Republican Party for Palm Beach County.

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