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GOP Whip to Obama: ‘Get off the campaign trail, the election is over’

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Republican House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy told Fox News’ Dana Perino on Monday that a deal has not been reached to resolve the fiscal cliff deadline issues, and at this point, they are not even close.

“The President wasn’t in Washington negotiating, he was in Detroit campaigning,” said McCarthy. “This president needs to get off the campaign trail, the election is over, and now it is time to govern.”

McCarthy said it’s time to start talking about spending cuts, as two months of the fiscal year has passed and already a deficit of $292 billion has been accumulated. He said that revenues are actually up by 10 percent, but that spending is up by 16 percent.

“I don’t understand really what he was campaigning for today, who is he trying to convince?” asked Perino.

“Part of the real problem is, it’s like Republicans negotiating with themselves,” said McCarthy. He explained that a budget solution was presented to the president right after the election, but the president took three weeks to respond with his version of the budget, and even the Democrats would not vote for it.

McCarthy says the Republicans are trying to be reasonable and want to solve the problem, but the president thinks he going to “go through and spike the football here” and he’s going to be in trouble.

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