Dem Michigan lawmaker threatens ‘there will be blood’ over right to work vote

Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature passed two new laws Tuesday making it the 24th U.S. state with “right to work” laws in place for employees. Unions, in the once union-friendly state, may no longer make membership a requirement for employment in either the public or private sector.

Both measures passed last week in the Michigan Senate, and now all that is needed is the signature of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder which may come as soon as Wednesday.

The Washington Examiner reported that Democrat State Rep. Douglas Geiss threatened, “there will be blood, there will be repercussions,” if the legislation passed. Thousands of people both for and against the legislation converged on the Capitol building in Lansing early Tuesday morning.


Watch Gov. Snyder discuss Michigan’s new right to work laws with Fox’s Neil Cavuto.

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Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


3 thoughts on “Dem Michigan lawmaker threatens ‘there will be blood’ over right to work vote

  1. K.d. says:

    Isn't funny how they always threaten violence. "There will be blood", give me a break mister. Wow, we got the freedom for the right to work now. Get over it.

  2. Vicki says:

    I applaud Govenor Snyder for having the balls to make tough decisions.The union is part of the problem with economy.Fabulous wages plus benefits causes everything to go up in price.My husband when he retired after 40yrs on the job was making 13 dollars an hr.But you know what we raised 4 kids plus a grandchild on that.But now it;s greed in the work force.

  3. Big Dem says:

    What? No outrage by Obama, Democrats or the mainstream media at this "hate speech" designed to instigate violence? To quote Captain Renault in Casablanca: "I'm shocked, shocked…"

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