Video: Syrian rebels ingenious use of PlayStation controller

article-2245815-166D1EEE000005DC-460_634x379Desperate times call for desperate measures and Syrian rebel forces are in a desperate fight for their lives against President Assad’s regime.

The Syrians took some scrap metal, a PlayStation 3 video game controller, the name for ancient Syria, and built a homemade tank called the Sham II.  Wow. Three cheers for Syrian rebel ingenuity when money and supplies are limited.

The Atlantic Wire described the tank that will head to join other rebel combat forces in their fight against Assad:

It rides on the chassis of an old diesel car and is fully encased in light steel that’s rusted from the elements. Five cameras are mounted around the tanks outside, and there’s a machine gun mounted on a turning turret. Inside, it kind of looks like a man cave. A couple of flat screen TVs are mounted on opposite walls. The driver sits in front of one, controlling the vehicle with a steering wheel, and the gunner sits at the other, aiming the machine gun with a PlayStation controller.


Watch the Sham II in action here:


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