Take our poll: Should PBC election supervisor Susan Bucher be removed for incompetence?

Susan Bucher PBC, SOENancy Smith, columnist for Sunshine State News, began her article, “Oh, Susan Bucher, What Have You Done Now?” with the statement: “Something (else) is rotten in the Palm Beach County supervisor of elections office.”

She followed with an outright accusation.

“I think Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher’s office lost or tossed or otherwise suppressed somewhere between 50,000 and 67,000 votes.”

After referring to a series of inconsistencies in Bucher’s numbers, missing or misprinted ballots and other mistakes, Smith ended the piece with this conclusion:

“What an embarrassment for Palm Beach County. Maybe Secretary of State Ken Detzner’s fact-finding visit this week really will find the facts — all of them — giving the governor ammunition to do to Bucher what Gov. Jeb Bush did to Broward County Supervisor of Elections Miriam Oliphant in 2003: fire her for incompetence and mismanagement.”

The complaints about Bucher seem to be bipartisan in nature. Even Ashley Walker, Florida coordinator of the President Obama’s reelection campaign, Obama for America, had some harsh criticism. Smith writes:

“I know for a fact Ashley was worried about Palm Beach, which is a strong Democratic county,” said a political analyst who had stayed close to the Obama campaign. “I heard her tell people around her that the president would need every Democratic vote he could get and she didn’t trust Susan Bucher in Palm Beach to get the job done.”

“Her (Bucher’s) incompetence is stunning,” said political consultant Randy Nielsen, founder and partner of Public Concepts, which is located in West Palm Beach. “The numbers don’t lie. She’s managed to disenfranchise voters who are primarily Obama Democrats. Her incompetence — I think it runs through the whole office like a disease — is equal opportunity, nonpartisan. It goes on election after election, whether it’s municipal, state or like this — when we’re voting for the president of the United States.”

The political analyst close to the Obama campaign said the campaign’s Florida headquarters received complaints from Palm Beach County voters who “ran into excuses” when they tried to get absentee ballots sent. “In the end, these people were just giving up,” he said. “So, do I believe the voter turnout is less than it should be? I sure do.”

Read Smith’s article HERE

Watch BPR VIDEO clip of Bucher: Partisan elections supervisor in charge of Allen West ballots rudely refuses comment

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21 thoughts on “Take our poll: Should PBC election supervisor Susan Bucher be removed for incompetence?

  1. RUSerious says:

    Ken Detzner is the one that should be replaced as FL Secretary of State.

  2. RUSerious says:

    Boca legend needs to learn that the electorate doesn't vote for 'attractiveness' and public service is not 'feeding at the public trough – learn to respect your fellow Americans and you might find your life more fulfilling, can't be easy harboring all that hatred…

  3. Joan says:

    I went through hell trying to get an absentee ballot. I wrote to her a number of times. I called four times. Hoping it was counted. If you want to shorten lines in Florida, you must make the ballot shorter and the issues clearer stated. I spent quite a long time reading and voting on each issue.

  4. D says:

    Lots of Luck. For more than 4 years the Republican Party did nothing about Obama being ineligible to be President, in spite of mountains of evidence. In fact PBC REC members were told to not even sign petitions calling for his removal. The Powers th Be of the Republican Party all came out of the Trojan Horse. Of course, an accountant is a person with the kind of mindset and skills to pursue the matter aggressively.

  5. BOB says:

    ANYONE WHO HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH OMORON IS A BIG SCREW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MS P says:

    all swing states SOE's machines & ballots / Voter Rolls MUST be TURNED IN & Investigated appropriately… File Elections Fraud Complaints in all swing states & Counties that had Motor Votor/ACORN racially polarized Elections intimidation… more mis-counted Ballots than counted Registered Voters! PBNC & SLC and several Swing States are under Secretary of State & US Dept of Justice Elections Investigations & http://www.truethevote.org

    this week …. exposed for the Dec 17th Electoral College Confirms Election

  7. Independent Voter says:

    There is evidence, nationwide, of huge fraud in this election. Not only in the vote itself and the manipulation of ballots and counting, but in the very qualifications of foreign born Barack Obama to hold the Office of President. Our Senators and Representatives in Congress swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They are derelict in their duties if they do not investigate all elements of fraud throughout the country in this farce of an election. The Republic is at stake here, people. Are we just going to roll over?

    It is also illegal for an elector to cast an electoral vote for an unqualified Presidential candidate.

    I never in my life, expected that here in America, those of us who demand adherence to The Constitution would be vilified and mocked for the very principles our founding fathers put forth, risking all they had, all they were, at the time.

    Pray for this nation, that truth and justice will prevail. That ALL corruption wherever it may be will be found out, brought to light, and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    God Bless America.

  8. She may be incompetent but even worse, she's a political hack. When she illegally added two days to early voting that was bad enough but when I went to her office on Sunday with my poll-watching credentials I was not permitted entry to where the voting was being done. A Republican party attorney joined me at the door and he was also not permitted to enter to observe what was going on in there where only her Democrat employees (and who else?) were allowed –no Republicans. Long lines of people went in and "voted" and came out with "I voted" stickers –yet she claimed this was merely "absentee balloting."

    Besides all of the taker groups — welfare, enviros, unions, gov't employees, trial lawyers, academics, career pols, etc– Dems depend on the fraud vote, too. The combination is deadly to the Republic. The makers who work, save and invest to create jobs and prosperity for all are beinbg milked dry by the statist regime.

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