Ros-Lehtinen: Clinton will testify on Benghazi before end of year

In a new development, it appears that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify on the Benghazi attack in an open hearing soon.

House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL, told Fox News that she has spoken with the state department and while a date has not been set, there is “every indication that this will happen before the end of the year.”

“We’ve been very frustrated with this administration because, time and time again, they keep having closed briefings,” Ros-Lehtinen said. “They’re always willing to come out for closed settings, but we want the American people to know what happened in Benghazi, were the requests for extra help not heeded, why did Susan Rice go on five national news to talk about this video when, in fact, we knew this video was not to blame…the American people want answers.”

“We’ve had enough of these closed briefings. The families of these brave Americans deserve answers,” said Ros-Lehtinen.

During the interview, Ros-Lehtinen also commented on the recent developments in Egypt and questions why the U.S. is still giving taxpayer dollars to nations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

See the Fox News interview here:



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