FL debt drops by $2 billion under Gov. Scott

While Washington struggles to cut debt and spending, Florida Gov. Rick Scott managed to trim $2 billion of his state’s debt in back-to-back years for the first time in nearly three decades.

In a Fox News segment with Gerri Willis on The Willis Report, analyst Wayne Rogers spoke highly of the governor’s accomplishment.

“He’s reduced the deficit in Florida by 2 billion dollars, that’s amazing in itself. I don’t think there is another state like that,” said Rogers.

“Why can’t Washington have the same attitude as Rick Scott in Florida?” asked Willis.

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9 thoughts on “FL debt drops by $2 billion under Gov. Scott

  1. Debbie Mullis says:

    Rick Scott for President 2016

  2. Evelyn Avis says:

    I'm so proud of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. He's worked hard here for his state and has brought down our debt by 2 billion dollars. WAY TO GO, GOV. SCOTT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND MAY OUR GOD BLESS AND GIVE YOU CONTINUED WISDOM!!!

    1. melanie kremkau says:

      i couldnt agree more!!

  3. Patricia White says:

    Now you know why we voted for him. He has done more than we had hoped for already. Thanks Governor Scott.

  4. Gizzy says:

    I'll vote for him anytime!!!

  5. CLSTanifeldIII says:

    The most working Governor in the State of Florida! It's nice to see a Governor that is not always in the office or a Tanning bed like the last looser Charlie Christ, the trade to his own party….Just saying!

  6. LOWELL LEVINE says:

    Please do your homework and understand –there were NO new bonds sold in Florida over the past two years–Bonds to pay for infrastructure repairs and schools/education..Budget was balanced without tax increases because the State of Florida asked for and received stimulous money from Obama.

    1. melanie kremkau says:

      take note…charlie (the flip flop king) crist asked for the stimulous $$ from his good buddy obama. see below.


      Gov. Rick Scott and top lawmakers like House Speaker Dean Cannon they might not want any more stimulus money. That’s even though Florida has a jobless rate above 10 percent.

      Of course, Republicans would point out the state has that high jobless rate even after former Gov. Charlie Crist literally embraced President Obama and the money from the 2009 stimulus.

      In all, Florida has received about $20 billion from the first stimulus, including payroll tax cuts for individuals and about $7.6 billion the Legislature, led by folks such as Rep. Cannon, used to plug big budget deficits. Even Gov. Scott agreed to use about $370 million in stimulus money to balance the first budget he signed.

      1. X GOV.Christ, doesn't give a dam about Florida, or it's people, he just wants to be elected Gov. again, if he care about Floridians, he wouldn't of doubled the prices, FEES, on everything you do at the State offices, in Florida, like DL's Tags, Title work, plus adding a Dollar to every pack of smokes, you buy here, and the embrace was sincere, check U-Tube, type in Charlie Christ is GAY, watch the video, plus the one i put on there, i put 3 on there, he is a turn coat, Republican, then Interdependent, now Dem., and if he don't get in again it will suit me just fine, i don't hate many people, but he is the first one on my hate list, Hugs Rick.

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