Climate change: Obama’s latest end-run around Congress

stop climate hype

Message from Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, long an opponent of U.N. climate change treaties. It reads, “Stop climate hype.”

President Obama talks a good game when it comes to balance of power and constitutional restraint. But when putting these principles into practice, he falls short.

When addressing an audience in Burma last month, the president emphasized that “those in power must accept constraints.” By way of example, he said, “as president, I cannot just impose my will on Congress — the Congress of the United States — even though sometimes I wish I could.”

Even though Congress repeatedly rejected the idea of cap-and-trade legislation aimed at curbing carbon emissions, it’s an idea the president just can’t let drop.

“The president couldn’t get it done through legislation, so now he’s doing it through regulation, using our tax dollars to make it happen,” Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., told Fox News.

But Obama isn’t stopping there. He’s taking his show on the road, lending his support — and billions of our tax dollars — to the United Nations’ efforts to pass an international global warming treaty. The United States has joined 200 other countries in Doha, Qatar, for the annual U.N. summit on climate change.

Members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released messages voicing their opinions on the U.S. role in the summit.

“Several weeks ago, Superstorm Sandy gave us a preview of what to expect if climate change is not addressed,” Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said in her video message to conference participants. “That storm caused tremendous destruction along the United States’ East Coast and it ranks as one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit America.”

U.N. Climate Change conference in Doha, Qatar

The latest annual U.N. Climate Change conference is underway in Doha, Qatar

Inhofe strongly disagrees. He submitted his own video accusing the Obama administration of “quietly handing over billions of dollars to the United Nations in the name of global warming.” The actual goal of the U.N. conference, he said, is obvious: wealth redistribution.

“Of course, the focus of this year’s global warming conference — like all the conferences before — is not the environment,” he said. “It’s about one thing: spreading the wealth around. As the Associated Press reported, ‘one of the main challenges will be raising climate aid for poor countries at a time when budgets are strained by financial turmoil.’”

While the debate rages on in the Senate and the president lends his support to the U.N., the American people are the ones stuck with the tab.

Read more at Fox News.

In the following Fox News video, Shannon Bream describes how the president has been working quietly behind the scenes in the area of climate change.

Sen. Inhofe’s video message to the conference:

Sen. Boxer’s message:


4 thoughts on “Climate change: Obama’s latest end-run around Congress

  1. Maxine Funk says:

    Whenever before have your heard a POTUS say he wished he could go impose his will on the Congress? A true American would have sight the principal of "CHECKS & BALANCES" as our Constitution is written.

  2. Joseph Jr. says:

    My God!! Obama is like Al Gore on steroids! We can't control what the climate does. All scientists in good standing have reported that ": Global Warming " ended in 1998. We are actually in a cool down period. It is laughable that they still are hell bent on somehow controlling the climate. They can barely get the forcast right. Obama is a fool and always wil be. We are being led by jackasses that think they somehow no better than scientists. I know of course it is all about money and power. Next stop , the internet!

  3. David Finch says:

    You right wing nut jobs are going to get all of our children killed! Wake up to science you idiotic reprobates!

  4. Julie says:

    @David – "Hug the trees; save the planet; spare the Alaskan caribou; kill the babies…" and Conservatives are the nut jobs?

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