Chris Christie vs. Jon Stewart

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on “The Daily Show” and matched wits with the the program’s host Jon Stewart on the issue of the Obamacare insurance exchange versus federal support for Hurricane Sandy. Just because it’s Stewart’s show doesn’t mean he has the upper hand in the argument.

“When you’re trying to narrow people into a corner, Jon, and call them names, it makes it much harder to get them to a table and compromise.”


2 thoughts on “Chris Christie vs. Jon Stewart

  1. Judy Fine says:

    It's other peoples wants & needs that has gotten us in this mess! We have millions dependent on Gov. to pay for their health care, pay for their housing, pay for their food & many of these same peope pay NO taxes. Our Social Secrity, our medicarehave been taken out of our payroll checks for years & should not be considered as entitlements but an investment we paid into these Gov. programs to provide aide us in medical care & financial aide as we grow older. Do we throw the underpriveledged over the bridge..of course not..but a revision to these Gov. subsidied programs needs to be restructured in order to make sure they last, they're fair & reasonable. Right now..we have a mess on our hands byenabling millions of people who CAN work who say they make more from Gov. assistance & why should they give that up & find a job? We simply can't go on & on feedig & supporting alot of folks who ARE able to take care of themselves but don't even want to try. This also includes well over 20 million illegals who are getting a free ride from hard working tax payers that see their taxes going up & their pay checks going down to support them. They want cash money for their work so they don't have to pay taxes. Their not interested..or many aren't interested in becoming U.S. Citizens because they DON'T want to shoulder the sames responsibilities as other citizens…they have gotten use to our Gov. giving them a free ride & they have more money left to send back to relatives in Mexico. Like I said…it's a mess & one that is NOT going away but will continue to grow as we continue to become America…land of the broke!! Immigration reform, tax reform, JOBS, Welfare assistance, Medicaid..ALL need to be restructured!

    1. Linda Gentry says:

      I agree wtih what you have said . Things do need to be restructured . The tax code needs to be done away with and the IRS also. Need to have a certain % of taxes for everyone from the bottom to the top like a thithe for everyone; no loop holes for anyone and no earned income tax credits. No one gets any money back they just pay certain percentage of tax money and that is it period. I believe this would help get the conntry back on track . This would be a fair tax for everyone.They need to go over each program and do away with pork barel spending. People need to quit being GREEDY and lining their own pockets for things that are not needed. This is the fair way to do things ; things need to be done the RIGHT way and things will start to turn around for this country.

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