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AFP launches witty ‘Merry Taxmas’ website for the holidays

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If you’re concerned about the ongoing debate over taxes and big government spending, now there’s a place where you can do something about it. Americans For Prosperity has announced the launch of a funny, witty, new website that puts everything in perspective: www.MerryTaxmas.org.

Taxpayers are at risk, with nearly $500 billion in new taxes set to take effect at the start of 2013, while the government continues to spend more than we bring in and is putting the nation further in debt.

AFP’s new website will show the Naughty or Nice list of legislators, provide a place for you to send them a special message on Twitter, and even share a humorous e-card with your friends!

Visit www.MerryTaxmas.org to have some fun and send a message to Washington that you’re not happy about the Merry Taxmas they’re cooking up.


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