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My Christmas gift to Charlie Crist and the Florida GOP

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Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and the Republican Party of Florida are on my Christmas gift list this year. I decided to give them both the same gift — a mailer supporting Crist for governor of Florida.

Hang on. Hear me out first before calling me a crazy sellout who’s lost his mind.

My longtime readers know I keep a library of political mailers going back about 20 years, and guess what? I have little Chuckie Crist’s mailers, too.

Remember back in the day, when Crist was all conservative-like.  Maybe you do, but most voters do not.

What if someone mailed Crist’s mailers from 2006 to Democratic supervoters now, and another one every so often, right on through the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2014?

Ever since Crist started to make noises about running for governor again as a Democrat, I’ve been getting emails from the Florida GOP attacking him. OK, sure. But my game is better.

Don’t even bother attacking Crist anymore. Just reproduce the mailers he approved and mail them out to Democratic supervoters without changing anything. Leave Crist’s original disclaimer. Just add the new one in the legal minimum of 8-point type.

That’s it. End of story.

I received the mailer, “Because every life has meaning,” which talks about how pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage, pro-school-prayer Crist is, and how he supports conservative judges. That, of course, was during his 2006 run for governor, when he was a Republican.

It’s a perfect mailer to send Democratic primary voters belonging to the National Organization of Women, Emily’s List, etc.

No attack. No huge consultant or graphic design fees required. Just a series of Crist’s own mailers sent to the properly targeted list of voters – and we still know how to do that, don’t we?

Just let the mail fly, and let Crist explain to voters why re-using his own mailers exactly the way he approved them might not be considered a friendly gesture.

Side one of Crist’s mailer:

Charlie Crist mailer


The mail side with important edits by me in red: 

Charlie Crist's life mailer





Jack Furnari


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