Dennis Miller: Obama rhetoric on taxes ‘creepy’

It seems as though a day doesn’t go by without President Obama drawing another line in the sand with respect to “taxing the rich.” If some find the president’s negotiating style difficult if not impossible, actor, comedian and political pundit Dennis Miller had another word in mind — “creepy.”

When he appeared on“The O’Reilly Factor’s” regular Wednesday night “Miller Time” segment, the discussion began as follows:

Miller: “Listen, Obama’s done a lot of this, Billy. He should have just said he wants to tax successful people — this whole ‘rich’ thing has been bad. It’s a creepy thing that he’s done making people who do well to be bad guys. I know you don’t have problems with him. you think he’s a good guy, and–”
O’Reilly: “No, no, no. I have a lot of problems with the ‘class warfare’ business. C’mon–”
Miller: “Well it’s creepy. He should say ‘successful;’ he shouldn’t say ‘rich.’ He’s turning it into ‘Dr. Zhivago’ and I find it creepy by the president.”


2 thoughts on “Dennis Miller: Obama rhetoric on taxes ‘creepy’

  1. I think Dennis Miller is so funny always entertaining with a lot of truth thrown in for good measure. Go Dennis and you too Mr. Bill

  2. Hank Sha says:

    tax successful people and give to unsuccessful people is what leftists are all buys VOTES

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