Teachers Union produces animated video excoriating the wealthy

Class warfare is now being taught to children.

The California Federation of Teachers has produced an animated political video narrated by actor Ed Asner intended for children. It blames all the nations woes on the wealthy, and even depicts an image of a rich person urinating on a group of poor people.


7 thoughts on “Teachers Union produces animated video excoriating the wealthy

  1. Karl Dickey says:

    I saw this video over the weekend and was of course appalled at its gross distortions.

    I went to the CFT website and used their link to contact my elected representatives, changing their wordage for my own. Interestingly, it Marco Rubio's name did not come up to contact, only Allen West and Bill Nelson.

  2. Luther Henry says:

    What a bunch of malarky, postulated by a rich, senile, washed up, movie actor who knows full well that the crash was caused by his liberal democrat buddies in politics who forced banks and lenders to grant mortgage loans to people who they knew could not and would not ever pay them back. Another point, how come so called "great teachers" are so stupid that they have to be spoon fed children's cartoons to instill the message supplied by their union? The socialists are making us into puppet clowns, led around by our noses, and we willingly go to the slaughter.

    1. Jackqulyn says:

      They should ban this. The schools has no bussiness to be teaching our children this kind of politics!! They should not be able to teach our kids anything but what they use to teach our kids.A teachers job is not to teach our kids their ideas!! Thats why they want to send the class work home for the parents to teach the children because they dont have time because they are trying to insteal their ideas on the children. There are some good teachers out there but also alot of bad ones , only there for a pay check. The schools need to go back to basic and get rid of the bad teachers and then and only then take great care of the decent ones!!

    2. Jackqulyn says:

      Amen to that!!!

  3. L Finch says:

    Hey Ed Assner!! we know you have plenty of money–so just to relieve your burden give it to all those poor folks you pissed on. And oh BTW, please don't make anymore Christmas movies, or play Santa Claus or a grumbling old grandfather shown on the Hallmark channels at Thanksgiving and Christmas time over and over and over and over…..you're subjecting our children to socialist and communist lies and endangering their future. Enough already.

  4. Rifraffe says:

    Asner was paid by the Union to narrate this drivel because he is an outspoken liberal union activist and former head of the actors union. The teachers out there have been mangling the brains of California's kids since at least the mid seventies. I actually had an argument with a good friend and neighbor who was also the principle of a school in Los Gatos who said that it was their job as teachers to instill self esteem in their students. This was after I complained about a teacher in her school who gave an "A" to a kid who had answered on his math test that 2 + 2 = 5 but that since he had written such a nice 5 she was going to give him an "A" anyway. We have to feel serious compassion for the product of these schools while understanding and accepting the fact that California will most likely contiue to be hopelessly out of step with most realities. As more and more of California's cities, and eventually the State itself, goes bancrupt, perhaps the realization will occur that they have been on the wrong track for several generations.This little cartoon will have no effect. The kids are in mindless lockstep already.

  5. Jayne says:

    Oh Lord – we don't hate the wealthy – we hate the greed!!!

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