Furious residents protest maternity hotel for anchor babies


The Chino Hills home operating as a hotel for pregnant Chinese women waiting to give birth in the U.S.

Birthing tourism. Maternity hotels. Anchor babies. Entire websites dedicated to luring pregnant Chinese women to the United States to give birth so their babies become American citizens. It’s outrageous. It’s an incredible abuse of the 14th Amendment. It’s getting a tourist visa under false pretenses. And residents in Chino Hills, Calif., are trying to stop it.

ABC News reported that a home in a residential area of Chino Hills is “operating as a maternity mansion,” a place where Chinese women in their third trimester come to stay until they have their babies.

The owner of the home, Hai Yong Wu, also operates the Chinese website, AsiamChild.com, which sells birthing packages ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to expectant mothers. ABC News says the website is filled with fabulous advice for the new mommies-to-be. Oh, no. Not new parenting advice. Advice on how to stick it to the USA. According to ABC News:

The website includes tips for mothers on how to hide their pregnancies from U.S. customs officers, so they can receive a visitor’s visa. Aside from citizenship, the website touts other perks American citizens enjoy, including free public education, better loan rates and social welfare during retirement.

Furious Chino Hills residents started the “Not In Chino Hills” group to protest both a hotel operating in their neighborhood and the idea of selling citizenship, the Huffington Post reported.

Chino Hills city officials issued a cease-and-desist order to the home’s owner for zoning violations. Officials, however, fear the birthing hotels will continue to pop up.

It is absolutely incredible to me that the only illegalities involved in this entire issue are zoning violations and possibly, possibly, receiving a tourist visa under false pretenses if immigration officials suspect it. It is absolutely infuriating to me that these babies will be raised in China, but may someday return to the U.S. for high school or college, applying and paying as an American citizen without ever having lived here and been a contributing member of society. To me, this is an abuse of the intent of the 14th amendment, and our country is long overdue discussing this automatic citizenship nonsense.


Watch a Chino Hills resident explain her frustration over the “maternity mansion” operating in her neighborhood:


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2 thoughts on “Furious residents protest maternity hotel for anchor babies

  1. Joe Budd says:

    Unfortunately the Supreme Court set the precedent for this in an 1898 decision. Terrible interpretation of being "under the jurisdiction of" clause. Use to be two nations that allowed this. Now we're the only one. Needs to go back to the Supreme Court.

  2. cs says:

    I totally agree with them about this illegal practice! I also think this should apply to all people,not just Asian,who come here Illegally to have kids and freeload off Americans!Secure the borders,and shut down places like this!

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