Romney was right

romney, Reagan, BushIt’s hard to be honest in politics. Perhaps that has been Gov. Mitt Romney’s real problem all along.

Romney’s candor came out in a recent conference call that was reported by the New York Times in which he said that President Obama offered free “gifts” to both illegal aliens and American citizens.

Romney’s observation about rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship and giving free benefits to people exploiting the system is not the same as criticizing minorities—but for decades the Left has manipulatively used racism, sexism and discrimination to intimidate the Republican Party into cowering into the aimless, weak institution that it has become today.

When Romney made the highly publicized ‘47 percent’ comment during a Boca Raton fundraiser in September, he was obviously making reference to the fact that it was not a campaign priority to reach out to that sect of the population for votes.

He was right because most of those people were not going to vote for him anyway.

The liberal elements of the media however, mischaracterized Romney’s comment as if he meant he would not care about those people as president.

Instead of defending Romney for saying all of the things that most conservatives feel, the Republican Party is distancing themselves from their former leader, the same way they unfaithfully abandoned George W. Bush. Loyalty seems to be a real problem for the Republican Party these days. Andrew Breitbart was right when he said that there is a “self-hating wing of the Republican Party.”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) criticized Mr. Romney saying, “We’re in a big hole. We’re not getting out of it by comments like that. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. He keeps digging.”

Sen. Kelly Ayote (R-N.H.) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie both said they did not agree with Romney, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that Romney was, “absolutely wrong.”

Anna Navarro, a Republican strategist mocked Romney on her Twitter feed, saying that, “Romney was the biggest gift Obama got.”

None of this pandering has helped expand the Republican Party’s base to minority voters. It has however emphasized the fact that while the president has a consistent message, the Republican Party lacks conviction.

Perhaps New York Magazine’s Margaret Hartmann got it right last week when she said, “In the last week, Republicans have come to the abrupt realization that they too have to woo women, minorities and young voters.”

While Hartmann may be correct in her observation, what the Republican Party has really done is admit defeat.

Instead of standing its ground and fighting for what is right, the Republican Party is beginning to cave, in the most pathetic self-deprecating manner possible, conceding that President Obama’s socialized ideas were right all along.

Romney believed in equality, but he understood that equality is not the ultimate aim of liberty. After all, too much equality—as opposed to equal opportunity—quashes ambition, and ambition is the fundamental drive of the American spirit.

The Republican Party’s backtracking sounds painfully similar to John Kerry’s inconsistent message on the Iraq War, which led to election defeat.

Senator Kerry’s most memorable quote during his failed run against President George W. Bush was when he was asked about his contradictory positions on a military supplement appropriation and he answered, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

In 2008, Kerry’s Democratic primary senate challenger Ed O’Reilly accurately portrayed Kerry’s ‘change of heart’ about the war when he said, “John Kerry changed to become an anti-war vote when the political climate changed in this country.”

That’s exactly what the Republican Party is doing now—changing it’s message to satisfy the current political climate instead of fighting to change it. If anything, it’s no secret that if the Republicans need to change any part of their message, it’s not their economics—it’s getting with the times on social issues. Turning it’s back on capitalism and distancing itself from its leaders is the wrong direction.

In this world, there is right and there is wrong, and there is no honor in kicking someone when they’re down.

Those of us who truly believe in Governor Romney’s message that America is about earning things, and not getting them for free regardless of gender, ethnicity or race continue to proudly stand by him with conviction.

Those who care more about politics and winning have shown their cowardice, a pathetic display of desperation and disloyalty to their values and their leader that will stain the Republican Party in future elections to come.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a lawyer who served on Gov. Romney’s presidential election legal team.

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Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is an investigative reporter and former Washington, D.C. prosecutor who practices law and journalism in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and South Florida. Mr. Shapiro has worked on high profile investigative stories for national news organizations such as CBS, Time Magazine and Gannett News, and he hasserved on election legal teams for Senator John Kerry, Senator John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Allen West.

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21 thoughts on “Romney was right

  1. pete stubben says:

    Maybe I've missed something here. Mitt is great and so is Paul Ryan. But I don't believe they campaigned on the college campus or at the Wall-mart or by the local bodega (the Cuban, Thai, Colombian, Irish, German, Korean, Russian or otherwise)…and that was strategy-less! People are now talking about getting their mortgages from wall mart, because they trust wall-mart for good value and see the bank on the corner as useless and waste-less. same on college campuses…that's where the trust is, no matter how ill-founded and disreputable many college profs may be. Republicanism and Conservatism need to be promoted, tutored, taught and treasured on campus, at Wall mart, and at the corner store. It's a big job. Best…PJS

  2. Rifraffe says:

    The angst and frustration and bewilderment over the fact that this very excellent candidate lost the election is still reverberating throughout the right side of the political spectrum. Some handle it better than others obviously. One of the realizations of the post mortem is that the GOP must include everyone who is upset right now that we have "four more years". Where was George Bush and Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and the Evangelicals…Why was the powerful Silent Majority not asked to speak up? Hispanics and black conservatives and a growing conservative voice on campuses. This is inherently a conservative country. Apple pie and freedom and God Bless America and liberty and small government and going to church on Sunday and Motherhood and so on and on! Everyone who feels jilted right now and afraid for the future of our once great country and who still believe in the American ideal must unite and practically froth at the mouth for the next opportunity to get it right. If Romney is to be the standard bearer of the GOP then turn him loose to bring everyone under the biggest tent we can find and revive the spirit of Reagan and my Dad and yours and let's take this country back. I'm mad as hell and I do not want to take it anymore!

  3. Ted says:

    Romney could have been the most honest of the candidates. The problem was he did not EXPLAIN his plans. He stepped on his tie with sensitive comments that tripped him up. The GOP is running out of "old angry white guys". Chose the Liberterians if you want, but remenber that stepping away dilutes the GOP. I personally think that Obama was the better candidate. I think I wasn't alone. Decry the types of voters all you want. The GOP lost because of the GOP tactics, or the lack there of. The party has to appeal to the masses or die. I think the thing to do is get the whining out of your system and concentrate on the next elections in 2014 and 2016. The Dems are going to lock it up. Like we used to say in the service: "Get your head out of your as-, and get it together". I'm just saying…

  4. Rifraffe says:

    I don't think so Ted. The masses are already locked up by the liberal socialists who pander to them. What are we supposed to do? Out-promise and out-bribe them? There are more than enough votes from the heartland, the conservative base, the silent majority, the Tea Party Patriots and too many others who failed to do their duty last election and stayed home. Get everyone ashamed and madder than a bunch of wet hens and mobilize and vote next time and we can get it all back in a hurry. If not we may end up losing it all. The comparisons to Greece should not be ignored. It's time to flex our political muscle before we all get flabby and give up.

    1. Ted says:

      I spent some of my careers in sales. The GOP has to "sell" their product. Obviously the sales talk didn't work this time. What did work on the Dems side is the message that peoples' votes were going to be taken away. You want to get someone excited, take something away. Most people, on both sides of the political lines don't really know that much about international economics. They know what their budget looks like and they know what they need. The demographics of the US is changing to minorities and ethnic populations. The sales message has to be taken there, on their terms. The very wealthy and others of the top 1% should play down their economic positions and cite where people are together. Take Defense, Veterans. Above all Explain, EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN. Like in sales; you never assume the sale until the money's in the bank. On the strenght of the Tea Party: Their game is over. People like Walsh and Allen and the like just blew it. Nut jobs drive people away, not in their direction.

  5. Rosegirl7 says:

    Have you all forgotten all the massive fraud and cheating going on by the dems in early voting and on election day? I think Mitt won this election and his Presidency was stolen from him by the libs and dems!! Have you forgotton that the Dems would not allow the GOP officials in who were supposed to watch the election process in some area's? Some got in and were forcibly removed by the Dems. Now how fair is that and WHY would they not want the GOP in there watching to make sure there was no cheating going on? Because perhaps it was going on?? '

    It's not over just yet. On Dec. 17th the election board will meet to officially declare the winner of this election. If we call the state representatives of all 24 states Mitt won (I think he won more; the map was blazing RED and he was winning when all of a sudden Obama swooshed ahead and was declared the winner by the liberal networks before the votes were even finished being counted!) – anyway, if we call the State Representatives and the Republican party in all the states Mitt won and asked them NOT to attened the Electoral College meeting on the 17th Mitt could still be declared the winner! And it's all perfectly legal and in the Constitution according to the Tea Party who has suggested we do this.

    It's insane the way the dems will do anything to stay in power. What about the voting machines giving Romney votes to Obama? Funny no Obama votes were given to Romney! A computer programmer who was to also watch the voting said HIS vote went to Obama when he voted for Romney and he said a program was written to do that and installed on the voting machines (to give Romney votes to Obama). This is just plain WRONG, people! It's wrong and it's unfair as hades! Romney would have turned this MESS around and he would have saved our country, liberty, and freedoms. It's sad that his Presidency was not only stolen from him but Romney was stolen from We the People when we NEEDED him the most!

  6. Rosegirl7 says:

    I totally agree with you, Jeff. We won't see many more like him. It's a shame his Presidency was stolen from him by the cheating and frauding dems and libs. Governor Romney would have turned this MESS around and he would have been re-elected. By the end of his 8 year tenture America would be out of debt again, people would have jobs, the economy would shine, Socialized medicine and socialism in general would be a thing of the past, our borders tightened, and those wanting to come in would have to do it the legal and right way, we'd have the keystone pipeline, and things would be better for everyone; not just the takers and slackers. He was stolen from us when we needed him the most! If something is not done about the cheating and fraud then expect it to happen again and again and again because the dems and libs won't stop on their own!

  7. Rosegirl7 says:

    Listen – if Romney was the one being sworn in on the 20th of January as our new President the Dems and Libs would be the ones being 'bashed, critisized, and torn to shreds.. Mitt won. It's a shame he's not planning on moving into his new home on the Hill because of all the cheating and fraud that went on. This is one mell of a hess!!

  8. Ted says:

    All the ranting and raving is just noise. If you think there is some sort of plot, lay out the facts. List the occurances, name the names. I keep hearing that Romney won. Both the popular vote and the electorial college gave it to Obama. There is nothing. Nothing that you can do to change the election. Its over. Get comfortable where you are going to be for the next four years. The only thing you can do is work for your candidates for 2014 and 2016. Oh, on that red "blazing" map. The red states are mostly space in the center of the country. Less populations in these areas have fewer votes. The blue states are where the vast number of people are. These have high population cities that tend to me more Democratic. Just the breaks. I'm afraid that there was no "plot". No vast conspiracy to rig the votes. The election is finished. Calm down and work to the next election, or write your congressmen and tell him or her to do what they can to stop Obama's agenda. It is now a time for everyone to get it together and work together. Or not. Either way, this country will work out its problems. It is what this country has always been good at, even when it seems crazy sometimes.

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