Obama may bypass Congress on semi-automatic firearms ban

Gun rights activist John Snyder explained how the Obama administration could go around Congress to ban certain types of semi-automatic weapons. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream interviewed Snyder about the changes he said could be made in the classification of weapons under the National Firearms Act.



40 thoughts on “Obama may bypass Congress on semi-automatic firearms ban

  1. ReadingTeacher says:

    The difference between us, SIr, is that although I believe you to be an uninformed, angry, fearful conservative who is afraid of an America that does not look like you – I will defend your right to be uninformed, angry and fearful and conservative (which may be the same thing). I hope you find that your fears are baseless, as I know they are. I hope that when you realize you are wrong, wrong about the future, wrong about my President, wrong about all of it, you are man enough to admit it. I hope so, but I doubt it. And BTW – there are NO ex-Marines, only former. There may be ex-Air Force, but no ex-Marines.

  2. ReadingTeacher says:


    If the "first thing" a despot does (please note spelling correction) is take away your right to bear arms, then by definition, the President is NOT a despot. Here we are, four years later and not a single piece of legislation has even been proposed that would impact your 2nd amendment rights!!!

    In four years, the only discussion of gun restriction or legislation has been from the RWECing crew (the right-wing entertainment complex)! Not one liberal, progressive, Democrat or Independent has proposed a thing. Not one.

  3. ReadingTeacher says:


    I don't use my real name because conservatives where I live have attempted to have me fired for expressing my views, on a forum such as this when I posted liberal views from home, on my own time. Apparently conservatives can't teach without injecting their personal POV and so do not believe anyone else can either!

    I do not try to influence the political views or the world view of my students – it is called integrity. Perhaps a new word for you. I was not a soldier, I am a former Marine (there is a difference).

    The Right lost. Simple as that. Misjudging the temper of the electorate does not mean you were the victim of a conspiracy, it means you listened to the wrong sources, read the wrong polls, picked the wrong candidate. You misjudged America and Mr. Romney.

  4. ReadingTeacher says:

    Since we won the election, we don't need to convince you of anything! You can believe President Obama was born on Mars, doesn't change a thing. We have the Oval Office and the Senate. You have a fading Tea Party, aging leadership, no plan for the next 100 years (let alone 4) and a biased inaccurate view of the world. No wonder you're scared!!

  5. Duffy Shuler says:

    For all of those that just dont get it here it is fairly simply if you dont like it fine un friend me just as well because you are living with your head in a hole and trying to conform to a system that is clearly broken and everyone thinks it can be fixed by banning this or that when in reality it is the people that need to be fixed not the instruments for people act on their own and inanimate objects cant act alone they are just tools in someones broken mind and take on what they perceive as reality.Thank you Its not about empathy yes I feel sorry for the parents its about how the parent of the shooter failed and how taking away the right to protect myself and family and friends will not change anything. This trend is similar to the rash of shootings in the mid to late 70's same basic scenario bad economy people struggle psychological issues manifest themselves to a breaking point that some can't handle and they snap and innocents get hurt. I suppose the Texas tower shooting was to blame on a psycho with a gun yet he was a sniper in military and snapped columbine 2 bullied students snapped astronaut scorned lover drives from Tx 2 Fl wearing a diaper with a gun she snapped the army Dr @ Ft hood Tx snapped none of these were a sane firm person that shot. The blame is aptly directed at psychosis or psychotic breaks period end of story normal people don't just go and kill w/o reason and guns poison bombs or arson or any other means of destruction on average are not carried out by healthy sane persons so the focus needs to be on mental health and restrictions to devices by them there are much more important issues in the country that need to be addressed instead of taking away civil and constitutional rights. If u don't like. Guns. That's fine but its my right. Not a privileged to own one…. Let's go to different field STD's. What about the person w/ HIV that knows and infects and kills that way what happens there. Where is the compassion and the endless circle of those infected or being infected by a person who doesn't care The person who knowingly wantonly spreading HIV or HSV just because someone gave it to them and they are going to get revenge on the world by spreading it are you going to ban sex to save lives and rescind the right to procreate to save lives. Its very simple it (blame) lies on perpetrator not the method they choose but them them alone and has nothing to do with the method they choose to inflict such agregeous acts people will from dawn to end of time kill hurt and maim but they do it of there own volition a gun,bomb,gallon of gas, car bomb, IED etc never killed someone on its own a person of questionable mental status chose those means to an end. Even biblical times were deadly Cain killed Able and it was premeditated along with current events it was all pre meditated @some point and the actors never acted until they broke mentally and lost touch with reality I am by no means saying it is right or acceptable but the pure facts are there and just a person not an object willfully and wantonly committed the act not an inanimate object control the society and focus on their needs not on the inanimate objects they use or used keep it simple and the facts draw a clear picture basic cause vs effect = outcome fix that and problem is on the way to being solved instead of hype and money with false hope and belief charting the course to a sound resolution. Case and point anything that is made to be illegal is 99% easier to obtain than legally. this will be the last of this it is to taxing to try and explain this to the unlike minded and herd type mentality it is very simple and to many want to make it complex thank for listening………..evaluations and medical records search before a gun is sold you already have to have a "cooling off period"(Brady Bill) that allows for the "govt) to do an in depth criminal check. they already have HIV POISION IED'S MIAL BOMBS DUGS DEVELOPED BY TH E GOVT for military use LSD CRACK etc etc etc. and a govt. that cant take care of its own but is the first to run go help another country ie: homeless people(not by choice) veterans who cant get medical treatment the govt answer at the VA hospitals is take 100 mg motrin we will see you next time I cant count the number of people i know personally that the Gvt /VA has failed after putting their live s on the line the only terrorist are the lobbyist big business and our govt. mind oy it was guns that made us the nation we are without them we would be driving on the left side of the road and have even more problems than we have now the system does not work as it is corrupt and always has been the simply truth is he with the most money (legally gained)( although i doubt that) some time wins. every one lives in their own bubble wait until you have the unfortunate task of having to deal with the system on a personal level then tell me how great it is this is a circular debate with no end as it branches in many directions and avenues and could be debated from now to the end of time these are my opinions and that is what i know to be true and of fact. i feel no reason to continue a debate with anyone/ anybody that cant see the simple facts as they are presented and has to go to political and un substantiated beliefs so at this time i end this conversation as it is my choice and belief and no one can change it .. good day

  6. be a very cold day in hell before i bow down to any man especially that shit head dumbass monkey I read and hear alot of im gonna do this and im gonna do ttat only time will tell my brothers but 1 thing at least i will die for something i believe in not his or his croneys shit (biden cant even put his shoes on without help the force is on the peoples side thanks

  7. Trenholm says:

    It's not just Obama, although he is the worst president since Carter.

    It is the whole lot of them. They are all hurting this country.

  8. Beverly Kosinski says:

    Wrong. His decision-making and personal philosophies are largely rooted in HIS skin color. To refute this is moronic (i.e. you are a PC moron). His racist decision-making reflects his skin color and general disposition on race: To deny this is simply idiotic.

  9. Sam Page says:

    Oh, brother…

    Do your research paley.

    ► You are soooooooooooooooooooooo mistaken.

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