New ‘Hope’ for PBC GOP

Palm Beach County’s Republican Party is about to shift control at the top, and some of its members are looking forward to the Dec. 12 changing of the guard.

Chairman Sid Dinerstein announced last month that he would not to seek re-election after a decade of leadership and a disappointing showing for Palm Beach County Republican candidates in the November election. He leaves behind a group that needs direction, according to Marie Hope Davis.

Davis, one of the candidates vying for the top seat, said members of the Republican Executive Committee are experiencing a lot of angst in the wake of the Nov. 6 election.

She hopes to bring the group together.

An active member of Palm Beach County politics for several years, Davis said she has built a reputation among her peers as being tough when it’s required but ultimately a good listener.

Davis is confident in her plan to bring the Republican message to Palm Beach County communities.

Her goal, if elected chairwoman, would involve focusing on outreach and ensuring that members stay committed and prepared for the next election, she said.

Listen to what Davis had to say about running for the position and the future of the party:



9 thoughts on “New ‘Hope’ for PBC GOP

  1. LOWELL LEVINE says:

    Too many disagreements within the PBC/REC Republican Party.. After the elections in November–it is time for a new leader and direction and ideas…It is not the Sid was bad it is that the demogrphics of the County has passed him by.

  2. boca spin doctor says:

    Ira Sabin is also running.

  3. CB says:

    The REC changed from districts to precincts for electing members this cycle. The REC charter also allows for many more members. If a precinct has over 1000 registered voters the charter allows for two committeemen and two committeewomen from each precinct. The DEC restricts thier numbers by only allowing this when there are more than a 1000 registered democrates in the district. This will allow the REC to lose the old guard mentality and connect with the mainstream republican in this county. I see big changes ahead for this group.

  4. Joe Halfon says:

    As a fomer Town & County Chair in Rockland County New York , pluss a New York State Committteeman and NYS State Coordinator for Bush/Romney Victory 88 Campaign. I say please be careful and very cautious before you make the choice who will lead the Republican Party..That being said,, I take umbridge with those who seek their own goals by saying that we are angry and disconnected and we ran a terrible camplaign during the last election.. Nothing could be further than the truth.. Ergo: Every time I went to Hdqts I found the room oberloaded with bushy tailed volunteers, happy with what they were doing. We raised funds during the Lincoln Dnner. I witnessed the street corners with volunterers shouting and carrying Romney signs much more than Obama's.. I personally received over "get out the vote calls." . Nothing was wrong with the campaign. Just like the rest of America. . Blame the numbers, the media, and and Republcan voter apathy.. By the way, even if every Republican voted, the numbers ,will prove we still would have lost because of the overwhelming Democrat voters . Remember these Democrat voters thought they had a lot to lose if Obama lost The election for them was a "cause celebra" …

  5. Joe Halfon says:

    I apologize, in my zeal I said the Bush/Romney campaihn.. Freudian slip it sjould have said Bush/ Cheney Campaign BUt we are all understanding Republicans and thus allow even one small mistake Thank you

  6. Dick Farrel says:

    I want to know WHY IS IRA SABIN not being interviewed? I think we deserve to hear MHD's opponent on the same issues..It is ONLY fair…it is the American way..or is Bizpac Review one sided?

  7. Dick Farrel says:


  8. Yolanda says:

    Who is her ?? What is her personal,academical, merits & political background ??

  9. Hey Joe says:

    Wasn't Bush/Quayle the Republican ticket in 1988?

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