Karen Harrington embarrasses herself with another classless move

Karen Harrington proved yet again that she has about as much class as the dumpster-diving Honey Boo Boo clan of reality TV fame.

Harrington, who made a career out of getting squashed like a bug at the polls by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the last four years, announced her candidacy for chairwoman of the Broward County Republican Party not long ago. Today Harrington pulled out of the race just hours before the party’s Executive Committee was due to hold elections.

While Harrington talks a lot about “unity,” she couldn’t resist taking yet another shot at outgoing Chairman Richard DeNapoli.

DeNapoli is moving to Tampa to pursue a better career opportunity. He didn’t just decide not to run because a perennial loser like Harrington reared her head.

Harrington didn’t have the votes, and she would have lost big in yet another election.

Attacking an outgoing chairman who isn’t running and is moving away for a better job opportunity is typical of the classless Harrington.

Me. Me. Me. Me. That’s what she’s all about.

Broward Republicans can breathe a sigh of relief. Harrington’s 15 minutes of phony fame is over.


Full text of Harrington’s press release: 

When I was recruited to run for chair of the Broward Republican Party, there was a necessity and desire to change the leadership of our local party. Along with former BREC Chairmen Chip La Marca, Ed Pozzuoli, Kevin Tynan and Shane Strum it was agreed that the leadership of Richard DeNapoli lacked the vision and competence to recover from this years devastating election cycle.

We embarked on this journey to achieve two goals. The first was to bring new leadership to the BREC. The second was to remove Richard DeNapoli from his position as BREC Chairman.

But with the announcement that Mr. DeNapoli decided not to seek reelection, there was less of a need for me, and the fine individuals who were running on my slate to become officers of BREC. We have collectively decided that there is no need to divide the party further by having an election Monday evening, wherein we believe the result will be like the last BREC election – decided by a few votes – which left the party divided for the last two years.

In having achieved our goals to bring new leadership to BREC and removing Richard DeNapoli from his position, I and the candidates that were running on my slate of officers, have decided in the interests of party unity not to seek nomination as an officer of BREC. We wish each of the incoming officers of BREC the best of luck and promise our collective support as our party moves forward to unify and grow.

Karen Harrington

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Jack Furnari

Jack Furnari

President at BizPac Review
Jack Furnari is a founding partner, writer and CEO of BizPac Review.
Jack Furnari


18 thoughts on “Karen Harrington embarrasses herself with another classless move

  1. CD23 Resident says:

    DeNapoli announced he wasn't running BEFORE Harrington even got in the race. What a liar she is, taking more shots at DeNapoli and saying her goal was to get him out when he already said he wasn't running. She knew DeNapoli's Executive Director Petrocelli was going to crush her….just as DeNapoli would have crushed her.

  2. Conservative Girl says:

    …and articles like this are exactly why we performed so horribly in the polls this November- Mr. Furnari is devisive, negative, and knocking a candidate who ran against Debboe Wasserman-Schultz and then opted to pull out of this election. Who cares, Mr. Furnari? You sound like a bloated, gloating Democrat. Way to go, Establishment Rank-and-File Republicans who choose to pull this garbage. Way to go. You don't have to support Karen or any particular candidate, but smear pieces like this are what make us look bad and lose votes, and not looking at the "bigger picture" at the expense of defeating terrible Democrats like DWS is exactly why this type of article makes me sick. I'm not endorsing Karen or anyone, and I have no issues with Petrocelli, I wish him all the best…the goal is the broader "conservative" goal, not creating division and animosity in our own party. Awful. THIS is why our party has become ineffective.

  3. Marla says:

    @ Conservative Girl – I respectfully disagree and I – in fact – think that it is Republicans like yourself that caused us to lose in November. You are completely missing the real bigger picture here for one that you have created in your own mind. The whole reason for the article, while written with a bite, was to point out the absurdity of the Republicans putting their faith in a candidate ( and of course I wanted her to win over DWS) who would turn around and bash the chairman of the party who worked hard for her and all the other Republicans leading up to the election. A chairman, by the way, that had already resigned for personal reasons having nothing to do with politics. When the rank and file Republicans who believe what they are told like sheep excuse bad behavior and selfish motives of a candidate with an R by their name, you, my friend, are doing the party the disservice. If you cannot stand up to candidates that lie and manipulate, then why does it matter if they have an R or a D by their name? It will mean nothing. Mr. Furnari was not smearing Karen Harrington. He printed her own words and then gave his opinion, which by the way, is the same opinion as the portion of our party that understands politics on an actual winnable level. In other words, Mr. Furnari said, in an opinion article, what many others were thinking. He also broke the story about Harrington using a false result in a poll to ask for money for people like you who would willingly give it ,thinking she could win against DWS, based on false numbers. The truth is not "awful". It's excusing the lies and suppressing the truth because you like a candidate that is awful. Maybe you didn't appreciate the authors sense of humor ( although I thought the Honey Boo Boo remark was quite funny), but the message is dead on. It was classless. Say it like it is. We say it like it is about Dems. Don't be a hypocrite.

  4. Joe Goldner says:

    I hope that this is the last of Karen Harrington as a candidate in any race. She is a total disgrace. Her type of politics of personal attack are finally over. Now we must start working on 2014 and make sure people like Karen have no place in any race in 2014. Debbie is once again DNC Chair which means that she has thrown her constituents over the cliff once more.

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