Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama ‘doesn’t want to get his hands dirty’

Gretta Van Susteren was joined by senior ranking member of the Budget Committee Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to discuss why the White House has made a mockery of the word “transparency” when it comes to discussing a plan for America’s economic future.

Why is everything being done in secret, Van Susteren wanted to know, when none of the past “secret” meetings have been successful?

Sessions pointed out that the secret talks violate open meeting laws and make for terrible public policy.

The conversation took an insightful turn when the long-time Fox News interviewer gave her own commentary on the art of negotiation and the meaning of being a leader.

Listen to what Van Susteren had to say about Obama compared to former President Clinton.  The president “outsources” the job of leadership, she asserted, and she made her case from there:




2 thoughts on “Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama ‘doesn’t want to get his hands dirty’

  1. Raleigh Godwin says:

    Great job of reporting facts as they are. I listen to you every night. You report the truth. You have great guests. May God bless you. Merry Christmas to you & your Family.

  2. Jack says:

    Greta is absolutely right.Obama being a Marxist doesn't want people to know what he's doing.my only hope is that

    People will wake up before it's too late.the Hispanic and black voters are becoming beholding to him and don't even

    Know it.they are caught up in his propaganda and can't see the forest from the trees.he is obsessed with taxing successful Americans so much that nothing good will come of his 2 nd term in office.when Europeans come to this country they just want to assimilate and become American.the Hispanic youth drive around with Mexican or puerto rican flags.just look at California.they don't want to be American they fly the Mexican flag,why?because they are being told by their Mexican leaders

    That to get what THEY want vote for them not what's right or good for the u s a.no wonder calif is a cesspool and is so far

    In debt that everyone will suffer

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