Palin to press on Benghazi: ‘So what if you lose access to Obama?’

Greta Van Susteren hosted former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin this past Friday on Fox News Channel’s, “On the Record.” The video showed the two women were in complete agreement that the Obama administration has not done enough to get the facts out about what happened in Benghazi on September 11.

Van Susteren told Palin, “If they want to end this, it’s a simple way. Just get the facts out. Quit trying to hide them. I don’t understand why everyone gives them the pass except for CBS and Fox on that.”

The “dirty little secret” is very well known in Washington, Van Susteren said, that reporters will lose access to the administration if they are seen as attacking or asking the hard questions of the White House.

Palin retorted, “So what if you lose access to Obama? Why in the world would a reporter be concerned about whether they are going to get more of that fed to them, those lies, the uncertainty, the murky answers to questions being asked? I wouldn’t care about having that access when you know what the result is.”

Van Susteren then pointed out how Fox News has been “punished” for “daring” to question the administration on the Benghazi attack:

Look what has happened with this Benghazi investigation — State Department did a conference call, and conveniently left Fox News off when they wanted to brief them the day before the people went to Capitol Hill. The CIA had a briefing, and guess what news organization was left out: Fox News Channel. Then a memo was released, I think it was by the intelligence DNI, and who didn’t get the memo? Fox News. And what they don’t realize is all these other news organizations will eventually give it [to] us, too.

Yet, though the Obama administration continues to shun Fox News, the American people still turn to the network, day and night, for their news. A Daily Caller article reported that Fox News Channel beat all their competitors in the November ratings. The article said, “Overall, the Fox News Channel was the number two cable channel for November in primetime and the total day from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m.  It finished behind ESPN in primetime and Nickelodeon for the total day.”

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Watch the “On the Record” interview from The Daily Caller here:

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3 thoughts on “Palin to press on Benghazi: ‘So what if you lose access to Obama?’

  1. ray comfort says:

    do they still have investigative reporters out there? ……. book deals, popularity, money, prime time? ……or is this also the me generation, generating crap from the internet?

  2. Scott Downer says:

    How can they talk on a budget w/o immigration & our Borders go unprotected ? within a week 7 People have been arrested in different states of terrorism acts How Many got away ? . The fraud within the entitlement programs ? Now we have a President that left 4 men to be Murdered and with live surveillance seen back to the WH and Stand down orders when General Ham requesting help ? And then for President and Hillary in front of the Family's with there Sons Body"s in caskets telling the Family's they would make sure the Film maker is punished . A Solders Code is to never leave a man standing alone were goes one goes us all . President Obama decreased and disrespected our Military Men .

  3. Armando S. Fernandez says:

    And they want Susan Rice for Secretary of State and John Kerry for Secretrary of Defense, what a great couple of Liberals, America will become a 2nd World Nation if ever!!!!!!!

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