Bill Whittle: GOP leadership and candidates all victims of Stockholm syndrome

PJTV’s Bill Whittle is one of conservative America’s most powerful voices. If you’ve never heard his commentary in his “Afterburner” series, you owe it to yourself to begin doing so.

In this clip, he analyzes the Republican loss in November at David Horowitz’s Restoration weekend last month. Prepare to be fired up. Whittle is at his full-throttle, afterburner best on this one.


6 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: GOP leadership and candidates all victims of Stockholm syndrome

  1. R. Kinkead says:

    Oh my goodness! THAT's what we needed to hear A MONTH AGO. What a barn-burner of a speech. Now I have to go look up "Stockholm Syndrome."

  2. Believing in the civilization that you represent! Protecting our military men & women! Going in with guns drawn to protect Americans serving this Country!

  3. J Cooper says:

    Only three of us???Great speech…I feel a little better now.

  4. Cheryl Falk says:

    Oh, my God. How true, we are like lambs to a slaughter. We do need to grow some. It is not that we are bad we are peaceful and believe that in others.

  5. Carey says:

    Mr. Wittle, Wish you could have been Romney's speech writer and debate coach! Love your passion! Although, I'd like to point out that your criticism of the GOP's efforts to put a republican in the White House, assumes that we had a fair election. Of course there are things that could have been done better or differently in the Romney/Ryan campaign. I firmly believe Mitt Romney would/should have been our next president, if not for the voter fraud the GOP chooses not to expose. We instead accept a fraud in the highest office of the land who is doing everything in his power to destroy this nation ON PURPOSE. Please, Mr. Whittle, advise the masses what to do going forward! We can learn by analyzing the past, but analysis alone will not right the course for America. The conservative voter base stands ready to act. How do we band together to reform the voting process? How do we band together to protect our constitution? How do we band together to take our country back? Let's be proactive!!

  6. Bob says:

    We were given a very brief glympse into the belief system of Mr. Romney, and for the most part many RepUbs who have served in Washington for any extended period, during the pre primary election debates. Mitt Romney was given a question in reference to the constitution, he replied with a chuckle, that he was not the expert on the constitution, and that if you wanted an expert, ask Ron Paul to answer question, or words to that affect. This attitude, accompanied by the "kick me" sign slapped on the back of most every RepUb who falls off the turnip truck at Dulles Airport, gives an ensight into the cause of the mealy mouthed speeches, the inexplicable lack of intestinal fortutude, and in the cowardly sense, a willingness of most of these "representatives" to go along with the flow. Washington is a Democrat city populated by true believers, and if a Repub wants to have his/hers ego stroked, to be invited to Cocktail parties without standing in the shadows, to make the right connections, they had better tow the political line, protect their fellow Washington elite –"my distinguished colleagues" from across the aile. I have often wondered if Washington chose the site of the capital because it is so miserable in the summer and as of consequense, uninhabital without central air.

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