Video: Staten Island hurricane victims angered at FEMA failure

Over 700 Staten Island residents, still suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, attended a heated and emotional town-hall meeting Thursday night looking for answers to how and when they will receive help from FEMA.

Frustrated and angry residents feel they haven’t been helped and now say it appears “the recovery effort has come to a standstill.”

Watch Thursday’s hurricane recovery meeting with angry Staten Island residents:


Janeen Capizola

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2 thoughts on “Video: Staten Island hurricane victims angered at FEMA failure

  1. You reelected The Deceiver who did nothing the first four years! You had a chance to elect a genuine, sincere man who would of & could of helped yous! The deceiver told you just what you wanted hear while running for reelection & after he got your votes he walked away! Yes yous are still in the boat & help comes slowly or not at all! He's going on his 4 million dollar vacation to Hawaii while yous sit in the rubble! Yous are the last ones on his mind!

  2. Bonnie Dlugosz says:

    We live in a village that was devisatated by a (never before)flood and 2012, many of the residence lost everything. Many of these homeowners were poor people. The flood that occurred reached into the second floor of many homes, Yes FEMA did arrive,they offered much less that what any one would need to redo their homes. Its been more than a year and many flood victims are still not back into their homes, Re building is still going on , some homes still need to be taken down as they will never be liveable. I am aware how difficult the lives are of those living on the NY and NJ coast. however, I can only say, start the rebuilding on your own, you will continue to be unsatisfied by any government help. HOMES FOR HUMANITIES and the RED CROSS were the greatest help, along with town neighbors, helping heighbors, we feel for you and hope you get to a place of peace soon.,

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