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RI Gov. stands firm on ‘holiday tree’, says Fox News an ‘angry network’

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In round two of fighting the war on Christmas, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly challenged Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and the “holiday tree” on display at the capitol.  Previously, O’Reilly clashed with the president of American Atheists about their attack on public displays of Christmas in Rhode Island and other areas of the country.

“A holiday tree, really, Governor?” O’Reilly asked. “What’s the tradition of a holiday tree? Where does the holiday tree come from?”

Chafee said that his intent was to do what the previous governor did, and not change anything. He indicated that he didn’t understand the controversy, as previous governors called it a holiday tree as far  back as the `90s.

“We also have to be conscious of changing times,” said Chafee. In an attempt to make a comparison, he gave the example of saying the Lord’s Prayer in public school until a Supreme Court ruling halted the practice. O’Reilly disagreed.

 “Governor you’re the guy making the controversy,” O’Reilly said. “All I want to do is keep the traditions of Christmas that make most Americans happy. The polls show 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas and they want to call it a Christmas tree.”

Chafee responded “you guys are too angry. This is an angry network.”

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