Graham on Gitmo: ‘We don’t want those crazy bastards brought here’

A guard tower is pictured at the Camp Delta detention center for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo BayJust a day after the results of a study commissioned by Senator Diane Feinstein came out showing which federal U.S. prisons could “viably” house Guantanamo prisoners, the Senate voted Thursday night to prohibit any such transfer of detainees to U.S. soil.

Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte introduced the amendment that extended the ban on transferring prisoners from Guantanamo as part of the annual defense authorization bill currently being considered by the Senate.  The amendment had enough Democrat votes to pass 54-41.

Feinstein told Fox News, “The GAO report makes clear that numerous prisons exist inside the United States — operated by both the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice—capable of holding the 166 detainees who remain at Guantanamo in an environment that meets the security requirements.”

However, Sen. Lindsey Graham said on the Senate floor Thursday:

We don’t want these crazy bastards brought here to the United States. They want to steal your way of life, not steal your car.”

Fox News reported that the Obama administration has threatened to veto the bill.

Read the Fox News article here.


Watch Sen. Lindsey Graham’s remarks on the Senate floor:


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5 thoughts on “Graham on Gitmo: ‘We don’t want those crazy bastards brought here’

  1. Put them all in San Francisco with her.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Graham for standing up for the American people! Military prison well run! Keep these terrorist off our shores! They do want to destroy our life! We are at War! Act like we are at WAR! They would surely kill us without even batting an eye!

  3. Rose G. says:

    Hooray for Lindsay Graham. Yes sir they are crazy bastards and it's about time that a spade is being called a spade. Diane Feinstein must be drinking Koolaid with Nancy Pelosi. Those two women do not speak for this God-fearing, conservative Pro-Life woman. They sicken me and the sooner we vote the nonsensical Representatives and Senators out of office, the better. It's a shame we will never know what a President Romney could have done for our country. It's a waiting game and a wading game, all wrapped in one. The 49% who didn't vote for Obama and his Bull are waiting for someone to SAVE US from the 51%'s Savior. We are wading in deep waters, HOPING for a CHANGE in this ENTITLED SOCIETY; We are waiting for the BLINDERS to be taken off and the media to actually cover all aspects of the news even when it doesn't paint that pretty picture or exposes the lies and coverups of their Savior. Open your eyes and rid yourself of that tunnel vision. Get Up! Shut Up and Grow Up all you liberals who see nothing wrong with HOPEBAMA. EARN A LIVING IF YOU ARE ABLE and please stop accepting handouts from the Governments Hands! Those who are working can't afford to support you too!

  4. kabster says:

    Feinstein can keep them in her house if she wants them on US soil.

    Now that I think of it. They HAVE stolen our way of life. Have you flown lately? I see they are now putting jackbooted thugs at buss, train and other transportation hubs. NONE OF THAT WOULD HAVE PREVENTED 9/11. it was a setup to enact the Anti-Patriot Act. The TSA are the new Gestapo. As they said themselves. They "don't have to answer to Congress"

    This is just the beginning people. Wait, watch report and respond appropriately before its too late.

    I'd rather those in place of power, honor their oath but sadly, it's not happening.

    It's up to us.

  5. Rosegirl7 says:

    Applause for you, Rose G! You hit it right on! And kudos to Sen. Graham for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS AS WELL!!! I agree that those terriosts should stay exactly where they are! It's insane to bring them here!!! What if all 161 of them over ran the prison they are put in if brought here and escaped to do their deadly deeds to Americans??? LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! WHY ASK FOR PROBLEMS, DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH?? Geez!! Stop the insanity!!! Futhermore, it seems to me that this administration is more concerned about our enemies than they are Americans! Smells like communism to me!

    As for the able-bodied on welfare, the state in which they live should put them to work in the animals shelters cleaning pens and taking care of the animals or in public building and park to clean them. If they have office experience put them in state offices to file and key data; put them all to work doing something to EARN that welfare check and SAVE the state money! It's the fair thing to do!!

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