Disgraced Dem boss Siegel of ‘Christians want Jews to die’ infamy seeking comeback

Those inMarc Alan Siegelvolved in Palm Beach County politics may have taken a breather for a week or two after November’s big election, but they did not rest for long.

The local Democratic and Republican parties are poised to elect new board members in early December, at their first official meetings following the presidential elections.

Campaigning is in full swing for the positions, elected by the executive committee of either party.

Campaigning for municipal races has also begun in advance of the March elections.

Delray Beach City Commissioner Adam Frankel saw over 100 supporters filter through Tryst restaurant on Atlantic Avenue as he kicked off his re-election campaign Wednesday night.

Elected officials in the predominantly Democratic crowd included recently elected Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg and state Reps. Irv Slosberg and Joe Abruzzo. Former state Rep. Mack Bernard also attended to show his support for Frankel.

Palm Beach County Democratic State Committeeman John Ramos attended the kickoff, hoping to gain support for his own race.

Ramos is battling former Palm Beach County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Alan Siegel to keep his seat.

Siegel was forced to resign his leadership position after drawing national outrage for making anti-christian remarks on camera at the Democratic National Convention.

Many Democrats have made it clear they oppose Siegel’s decision to run for another party post, said former county Democratic Party Secretary Diana Demarest.

“Considering Mark Alan Siegel’s past performance as party chair, such as his handling of the the Evelyn Garcia insult to the Jewish community, the Shahid Friedman insult to the Hispanic community and then his insult to the Christian community, I think he’s done enough damage,” Demarest said. “It’s time to pass the baton to Democrats who can be effective. Mark Alan Siegel’s time should be done.”

Demarest called Ramos’ record as a Hispanic leader an asset.

“John Ramos has been a champion for Palm Beach County’s Hispanic Democrats,” she said. “While Democrats bemoan that the Republicans as a party are not diverse, it is troublesome to me that a former county party chair is challenging the only Hispanic representative this county party has had in leadership. The Hispanic community is a very important voice in our party.”


4 thoughts on “Disgraced Dem boss Siegel of ‘Christians want Jews to die’ infamy seeking comeback

  1. MORT KUFF says:

    If the local Democrat Party permits Mark Alan Siegel access their headquarters even for the purpose of using the Rest Room to change his Depends, it will be proof positive they condone his reckless, unDemocratic behavior. If there has ever been a more glaring example of a corrupt public figure than this jackass, I'm unaware of it. He gives 'ugly' a bad name.

  2. CB says:

    A story missing context. Diana Demarest is a former DEC secretary because of her strong view in a WPB commission race. She was sanctioned for this while club leaders were not. I agree with her opinion about Evelyn Gracia and Shahid Freeman. Gracia was the number two candidate in the state house #88 race. This despite the fact that she hide her wealth and reported SS disability income while working full time campaigning for a full time job. Gracia's campaign finance report is a disgrace that shows an absolute disregard for financial accounting. She did not even live in the district and should have been disqualified. Freeman did his thing on his own time. He did it under the "color of office" and that matter needs to be addressed in court. Now view Siegel's remark in light of recent events and reporting.

  3. CB I don't know where you got your facts from but they are off base. I am the former DEC Secretary because I resigned, long before the WPB race. I was never "sanctioned" for anything and there is no such thing in the DEC rules for such a thing.

    My alleged "strong opinion" about a WPB commission race was nothing of the kind. I am a campaign consultant and was advocating for my client. What I resigned after this race was my precinct seat.

    If the membership votes Siegel back in, this party is doomed to failure. It is disappointing that Terrie Rizzo, Bunny Steinman and other members are advocating and actively campaigning for his come back. The DEC has lost many valuable members because of Siegel.

    The DEC needs new blood and voting the old regime back in means more of the same: embarrassment, lack of funds, no expansion of the membership and continuing to be a laughing stock.

  4. Rich says:

    As a former co-president of a predominantly Jewish club (Kings Point) for a few years I have never heard any anti-Christian remarks within our club as those made by Mark Siegel. When there was an instance of an outsider using the religion card my board interceded and addressed the problem immediately. I was present at the debate in the Boynton Synagogue with Mark Siegel and Alan Bergstein and was surprised that none of the Jewish people there took Mark Siegal to task when he made his anti-Christian remarks.

    Had the Jewish community reprimanded him then maybe he would have thought twice about making his anti-Christian remark on national television. As a catholic I was very offended and disappointed since I have always fought against Antisemitism and any forms of prejudice or racism in the past. After years of personally trying to build bridges I see this man’s presence and influence bringing the Jewish community down a dark path. He is still recognized as an official at some club meetings. Is this what our community wants?

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