Lieberman: Benghazi deaths due to ‘stretched military’, show mercy to Rice


Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Joe Lieberman, seemed to have the same questions as the rest of the country about what happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11; however, when he offered up possible answers to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell he contradicted himself six ways to Sunday.

The Senator  flaunted a “learn as we go” policy and readily admitted to the missed warning signals that “screamed” at the U.S. Defense Department from Libya leading up to the tragedy. Lieberman brought up the fact that the Brits had already made the wise decision to pull out of the volatile region to protect their troops. He spoke in detail about the well-known problems in the area, documented and undocumented, and then in true political CYA fashion, he lamented the fact that the cuts in funding hurt the military and caused Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three men to die needlessly.

After all, there was no one available for hours to send for back up, due to . . . “a stretched military.”  There were not enough “assets available,” he said.

Yes, you read correctly. Huh?

After such a twisted spin, it only stands to reason that he defended Ambassador Rice’s talk show circus – I mean, circuit – the Sunday after the attack, and said that Congress should have “mercy” on her. After all of the evidence he laid out describing a growing terrorist hotbed, with a straight face and all sincerity, he said Rice was only repeating what the intelligence community knew about the attacks at the time.  It’s all in the following video. Listen for yourself.


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4 thoughts on “Lieberman: Benghazi deaths due to ‘stretched military’, show mercy to Rice

  1. freda says:

    Than why was there a person with a camra and in a copter hovering and watching the tragicdeaths happening before his very eyes. Stick with the truth. Offer the real truth like fox news. No more cover ups. We the people are sick of lies nd cover ups. Do you jobs with dignaty and with honor. No more lies.

    1. Ed Rosenberg says:

      Thank you Frieda

      Another friend of FOX NEWS. They usualy get rapped for no reason at all. The truth is the truth. I watched CNN one evening and almodt pucked.

  2. Ed Rosenberg says:

    Thank you whoever is watching these coments. You have an open mind.

  3. Mr.Lieberman- pardon my English but are you a fucking idiot! Why is it that everybody knew this was a well planned out terrorist attack that was being shown in REAL time! An Ambassador & 3 other American citizens were brutally attack & killed! Even the last two men could of been saved & weren't! Why? Because they knew too much & were a liability to this Administration.Susan Rice is incompetent to be Sec.Of State's she knew the truth from day one but stayed with the lies, lies ,& more lies. Plus the continued cover-up! Other Countries can't believe that yous have let this administration & the cronies get away with these murders.You as well as this administration & its cronies have these American men's blood on all your hands.I as well as these men's family want justice for these men, their families & the American people! The crime of aiding & abetting our enemies= TREASON! This administration isn't above the law!

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